Gta San Andreas 1gb Download For Android

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GTA san andreas apk + OBB download free full version for android phones & tablets. We already know about the rockstar games which created the all Grand Theft Auto games. We have also played GTA vice city on android, which was previous version. GTA San andreas mobile apk is the latest release of this series of game. Although there are GTA V (gta 5), GTA IV (gta 4) are released for pc. But for android device only GTA vice city, GTA san andreas and GTA III (gta 3) are released. It is a best paid android game from many years as well as trending on google play store. We have already played PC version which has awesome graphic. Just like the desktop version, We will get all stuff same. Just the difference of screen size will be there, remaining things will be same. We are sharing grand theft auto san andreas apk free for android. So get the .apk file and install on your android device for free.

There is no purchase required for you to download gta san andreas free apk. Everything will be free, There is modded apk is also available by which you can get every thing unlimited in game. The game start from the city Los Santos, San Andreas where the corruption is common. We have to work for a boss which gives us a mission to complete. The game starts with basic mission and goes to hard step by step. You can also get a contract to earn some extra money in game. Get full entertainment by mashing with cops. Evade police is a challenging in game, Use your tricky mind to complete the mission. There are many ways to complete mission in gta san andreas android game. We are sharing .apk and data (obb) file.therefore you don’t have to download gta san andreas apk data or obb file from external source.

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Game story is based on 90’s era. The character name on game is Carl’s whose mother has been murdered by gangsters. When he returns to home, Some cops forced him to travel which takes him to San Andreas. Game has awesome graphics and visuals. You can easily play it with controls. Easy controls are there with navigation keys. You will get two controls on screen, One is for action and another is for navigation. Use circular key to control the movement and use normal keys to perform action like firing, jumping etc. Therefore free download apk gta san andreas which has all features activated. You don’t have to purchase anything. Just download game and directly run in your android phone or tablet. There are many more features of game which we will describe bellow on this post.

Description: Hi all my friends! And today I have great news for fans of the series GTA, the company introduced the world Rockstar games mobile version of the most popular games of the 2000s GTA San Andreas. Overall, the game was completely copied from an older version, but the features are still present, try to understand everything in order. On this page, we are sharing direct download link to download both GTA San Andreas Mod Apk & it’s OBB file. Earlier I was sharing only one mirrors of each and every mod apk, but due to huge no. Of downloads, few of them were getting errors. Apr 03, 2019  GTA: San Andreas APK– About the open world game genre, we cannot fail to mention the famous Rockstar Grand Theft Auto series (GTA).Most of the versions in the series are the good quality that meets the expectations of players. If you want to have a great version in this series, GTA: San Andreas is the name that we want to talk about. On this page, we are sharing direct download link to download both GTA San Andreas Mod Apk & it’s OBB file. Earlier I was sharing only one mirrors of each and every mod apk, but due to huge no. Of downloads, few of them were getting errors. So I thought to create a different download.

Features Of GTA San Andreas Apk Latest Version 1.08

  • High graphic : Game has high graphic with nice visuals and specially developed for android device. Compatible with many android device.
  • Easy controls : There are dual analog controls which makes easy to play game. Control the movements and action in game easily using keys.
  • Customize able controls : If you don’t like the default control and want to setup your own, The you can easily customize controls according to your choice.
  • Wireless controller is supported : You can many game with MoGa wireless controller as well as other Bluetooth controllers.
  • Language : Game is released on many languages such as English, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.
  • Make you gang : Make your own gang and add members to it, This can help you to complete the missions which requires more members.
  • New cars and bikes : You can drive cars as well as super cars easily. Ride a bike to reach at point on minimum time.
  • Play for freedom : There is no restriction to play game, Play as you want, Either complete a mission or just time pass.
  • Earn money : Earn cash on gta san andreas android game to purchase property and other stuff required to play the game.
  • Extra missions : Complete extra missions to increase your points or skills, It will provide more money to purchase tools.


Download GTA San Andreas Apk + OBB For Android

File name : grand_theft_auto_san_andreas.apk
Version : 1.08
Developer : Rockstar Games.
Updated : March 21, 2015
Requires Android : 3.0 and higher.
Apk size : 28.1 MB

Download Apk

Download OBB

Requirements for gta san andreas .apk latest version

  • Android version 3.0 and higher is required to play game.
  • 1 GB minimum Ram is required to run game on android device.
  • 3 GB minimum free space is required to install game.
  • Game cache or obb or data file is required to run game.
  • Internet connection is required to download data file.

How to install grand theft auto san andreas apk on android

  • Download gta san andreas apk file from direct download link.
  • Copy downloaded file into android device for installation.
  • Tap on .apk file to begin installation and accept all permissions.
  • Installation will start in few moments so just wait for completion.
  • After installation open the app and download gta san andreas data file.
  • If you don’t want to download from inside the game the simply download the obb file from direct link.
  • Copy that downloaded obb file on to given path.
  • Now start game and play it for free without any license verification error.

GTA San Andreas the best open world game is available for Android but it is larger in size. There are like many people who are not able to download GTA San Andreas because of high in size and less data limit. You don’t have to worry because I’m here, I noticed this issue and thought why not just give GTA San Andreas in parts.

Why GTA San Andreas in Parts?

I’m giving GTA San Andreas in parts because as I have mentioned they are many people whos having a problem to download GTA San Andreas due to less data limit. In India, Data users get 1.5gb data limit per day, So that’s the reason, They demand high in size games in parts. If you want to directly download GTA San Andreas for android then read this article

Are the GTA San Andreas Parts Process works?

Yes, It 100% works. We are just splitting GTA San Andreas into parts.

Is really GTA San Andreas can be played on Android?

The Answer is Yes, You can officially play full GTA San Andreas game on Android. GTA San Andreas was released 5 years before from now for Android but still many don’t believe you can play GTA San Andreas on Android, They are absolutely wrong. GTA San Andreas was launched for Android by rockstar games on its 10th anniversary.

Requirements to run GTA San Andreas v1.0.8 on Android

Gta San Andreas 1gb Download For Android Windows 7

• Android Version 4.4 and Higher
• 3GB Free Space in Internal Storage

Requirements to run GTA San Andreas v2.00 on Android

• Android Version 7.1 and Higher
• 3GB Free Space in Internal Storage

How to Download & Install GTA San Andreas ( Apk and Parts ) For Android?

1. Click on the link given down below and download GTA San Andreas apk and all the parts

2. Install GTA San Andreas Apk on your Android phone

3. Make sure you have downloaded all the GTA San andAndreasme parts

Gta San Andreas 1gb Download For Android Laptop

4. Extract GTA San Andreas Parts to Internal Storage/Android/Obb

How to Extract GTA San Andreas Parts?

Gta San Andreas 1gb Download For Android Computer

• All the GTA San Andreas Parts must be in one folder
• Click on GTA San Andreas Part 1 then extract it to internal storage/android/obb
• You might be thinking if part 1 is only in use, Then why to download other parts, Bro all the parts are linked to each other, So you have to download all the parts in order to extract game without any problem.

Gta San Andreas Download Apk

5. Everything is done, Now You can Play GTA San Andreas on Your Android Phone

Gta San Andreas Android Free

GTA SAN ANDREAS v1.0.8 Apk and Parts Download Link

Gta San Andreas 1gb Download For Android Windows 10

GTA SAN ANDREAS v2.00 Apk and Parts Download Link

Gta San Andreas For Android

I hope you understood how to install GTA San Andreas in parts on android, If you’re having any problem in installing the game then please let me know in the comment box, I will reply back as soon as possible, Peace!