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Free WiFi HotSpot APK Apps Latest Download For PC Windows 7,8,10,XP This HotSpot widget will allow you to turn on the portable WiFi hotspot feature on your Android smartphone with a single touch.Improve your mobile experience by easily converting your phone into a WiFi hotspot.This widget was designed with user experience in mind, therefore design,. Download portable wi-fi hotspot android, portable wi-fi hotspot android, portable wi-fi hotspot android download free. Turn your Android device into a WiFi access point. Download facebook application for java phones. Rate this App. Keep Portable Wi-Fi hotspot updated with the Uptodown APP. About this version. Your phones, tablets running the android operating system are able to receive wifi GPGS/3G/4G On Mobile signal from this application. Create Portable Wifi Hotspot Free Wifi Hotspot application with lightweight data storage is able to broadcast wifi, share wifi from your phone in the high-speed, secure and simple way. Almost all Android devices support this application. With a single click, you can share free WiFi hotspot of 3G and 4G network with other devices. DOWNLOAD WIFI HOTSPOT FREE. Wifi Hotspot Free – SsWifi is completely free to use but there is no demo video on YouTube to teach you how to use it. Nov 09, 2017  Turn on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot, improve your mobile computing experience. Simple and fast. This Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot will allow you to turn on the portable WiFi hotspot feature on your Android smartphone with a single touch. Touch Configure Wi-Fi hotspot. The Configure Wi-Fi hotspot dialog opens. Set the name and security options.

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Download WiFi Pass Key – WiFi Hotspot Apk (No Root) for Android

WiFi Pass Key
WiFi Hotspot Apk

WiFi Pass Key WiFi Hotspot Apk is an Android App for WiFi Networks that allows its users find out the free WiFi networks nearby the users by searching and scanning for such networks that are available for free. furthermore, allows its Android users to boost up the signal strength of those WiFi networks or WiFi hotspots that have weak signal strength. When the app “WiFi Pass Key WiFi Hotspot Apk” finds the free networks for the Android users who are using the WiFi Pass Key App or WiFi Hotspot Apk on their android smartphones, then it gives users the option to connect their devices to hotspot with just one click.

Furthermore, WiFi Pass Key-WiFi Hotspot Apk helps you to dig out only for the safe and secure WiFi Hotspot Networks. The best part of the WiFi Pass Key WiFi Hotspot App for Android is that it gives the quickest and most instant search results as compare to any other WiFi Hotspot or WiFi Network finder.
Mostly people think that Apps like WiFi Pass Key-WiFi Hotspot Apk that helps android users to find or search for free WiFi networks and WiFi hotspot networks are useless but I must tell you that they are absolutely wrong. Because now a day there is a WiFi network available in every home around you but some people use passwords to make their networks secure but some do not keep passwords therefore, WiFi Pass Key App Apk allows the users to find those WiFi networks or WiFi hotspots.
WiFi Pass Key-WiFi Hotspot Apk is a legal application as it only helps users to find out the public WiFi networks and WiFi hotspots that are free to use.
However, it is our ethical responsibility to use those networks for legal purposes instead of using them for unethical and immoral purposes otherwise you might get into a legal trouble.
Download WiFi Pass Key WiFi Hotspot App for Android Free from this website. If you are using the old version of WiFi Pass Key WiFi Hotspot App then Download WiFi Pass Key WiFi Hotspot App Update for Android free. We have provided the latest version of Best Android Hacking App “WiFi Pass Key WiFi Hotspot Apk” for hacking. WiFi Pass Key WiFi Hotspot Apk App is a legal application and can be use for educational, ethical hacking and other moral purposes. However, we are not responsible for any misuse of the application that we have provided here on our website.

You must be thinking why you need a third party app to turn on Portable WiFi Hotspot on Android to let other use your mobile data plan as this feature comes with any Android phone by default. So first you must be enlightened about the fact that “why Portable WiFi Apps are needed?”

Because the built-in portable Hotspot in an Android phone limits you with only turning on the Hotspot and make it password protected with WPA2 PSK. What’s worse, we have seen some users complaining about their WiFi of the phone are not working properly, and that can also lead to the problem of turning on the WiFi Hotspot to do the things they want, for example, to make free WiFi calls on Android. And sometimes your unlimited or limited internet plan doesn’t allow you to turn on the mobile Hotspot, sometimes unlimited plan with throttle will reduce the internet speed to crawl, that time you need such apps. And these third-party Hotspot apps also offer several other features like monitor the data usage, data security; can set data usage limitation, etc.

Hence, we have searched the top best Free WiFi Portable Hotspot apps for Android and added in our roster for you to choose. Check the given below WiFi Hotspot apps for Android phone without root and pick one which you find most suitable for you.

1. PdaNet+

Wifi Hotspot For Android Tablet Free Download Windows 7

PdaNet+ is one of the best and most rated Hotspot apps on the Google Play Store. It allows you to share your smartphone internet with computers, tablets, and other smartphones without requiring a rooted phone. PdaNet+ comes with a new “WiFi Direct Hotspot” feature that works on all Android phones 4.1 or later, which lets you connect with tablets and computers with installing its client app or setup proxy depending on the device.

You can connect other devices with yours by USB Mode. Bluetooth is now utterly an obsolete so it may be disabled; you should use WiFi Direct Hotspot instead.


  • Offers WiFi Direct Hotspot.
  • No root needed.
  • It has a feature of time usage limit.


  • Can’t connect to the Game devices and TVs.
  • It won’t work on particular phones.

2. FoxFi (WiFi Tether without Root)

Now to turn your phone into a Mobile Hotspot with FoxFi, no root or tether plan is required. It is most easy, and its simple interface is usable within a click of the installation. You can turn on the WiFi Hotspot in a single click from this Android WiFi Hotspot app. Users have rated this app with 3.9 stars on the Play Store. It offers USB Tether and WiFi Direct Hotspot, but one has to install a stand-alone Pdanet app.


  • Simple & easy to install and use.
  • It supports almost every android phone.


  • It will require a paid version of a while usage of free one.
  • One has to download Pdanet app to access other features.

3. Portable Hotspot – WiFi Tether for Android

This WiFi Portable Hotspot app for Android is available only on Amazon Store. It can also be used to access other WiFi networks with user’s permission or which are open or not secured with passwords. It is a one tap solution to turn on the free WiFi hotspot and share your WiFi network, and at the same time you can monitor the data traffic. It has a feature to boost your networks to browse fast on any of your Android browsers, as well as on other apps. It removes background apps so that it won’t freeze your phone. With its material design UI and latest features, it is one of the best WiFi tether app for Android owners.


  • Data monitoring and security.
  • It removes background apps.
  • Boost up the internet speed.


  • Not available on Google Play Store.
  • To use it to its most extent it needs a rooted phone.

Tip: How to Root and Unroot Your Android Phone 2019

4. WiFi Hotspot Master – Powerful Mobile Hotspot

WiFi Hotspot Master manages to broadcast network on other mobiles, and allows you to turn on WiFi Hotspot with just one click. This comes with lightweight data storage, and you can check who is using your network and who was connected to your Mobile Hotspot ever. F1 2017 game free download for android. It also boosts your internet speed to browse even faster, and shows the real-time downloading and uploading speed of your carrier’s data plan.With 4.0 rating on Google Play Store, it is one of the most trusted apps by users.

Download Hotspot For Android


  • It shows recent Hotspot settings history.
  • Check who is/was connected to your network ever.
  • Displays real-time internet speed.

Wifi Hotspot For Android Tablet Free Download Laptop


  • It leads to other apps to access the full features.
  • It shows lots of Ad popups.

Warm Tip: After you have turned on your WiFi Hotspot, please do remember to keep your data safe on your Android device while surfing the net cheerfully. Download this Android Data Recovery on your computer just in case of any data loss on your Android. If it happens, stop using your phone immediately and then connect your phone to computer to let that data recovery software to scan your phone for the deleted data.

Final Words

Several telecom carriers do not allow their users to turn on their mobile Hotspot and prompt them with “Do you want to call the carrier” with some specific internet data plan, no matter whether it is an unlimited or limited plan. But these are some of the best portable WiFi Hotspot apps for Android to turn your Android device into a WiFi router Hotspot so as to share your internet data plan with friends, family, and other devices. So now stop searching such tools and use our best-listed apps to save your time and data plan. Let us know which one of the app you found most easy, and you would recommend it to others. If you know any other such apps tell us about them in the comment box.

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