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Mar 05, 2018  We have spotted the best Android Music Player for you using which you can download and play unlimited songs for free legally. You will not have to play for s. Mar 13, 2017  The description of High Quality MP3 Recorder DaRecorder is a pretty and easy-to-use multipurpose recorder made for recording in various environments. DaRecorder is suitable for recording a variety of sounds such as personal voice, meeting, lecture, sermon, rendition, concert and music. Free Mp3 Downloads, Simple Mp3 Downloader for Android, Music Paradise Pro APK, etc. Are the best free mp3 downloader apps for Android. Enjoy free mp3 downloads with the best mp3 Music Downloader apps to Download Free Mp3 Music. Check out 25 best apps to download free Mp3 Music on Android.


Oct 11,2019• Proven solutions

Do you wish to know how to download MP3 music without spending money? Here we bring you the best 6 YouTube to MP3 downloader for Android to help you convert the videos to MP3.

YouTube, being the largest video hosting and sharing site, it allows people to watch videos on their Android phones. However, if you wish to download music to your Android phone from the YouTube, you cannot find any options. Moreover, Android does not support playing YouTube video as background music.

Note: Since, the new regulation of YouTube, YouTube to MP3 downloader kinds of apps have been removed from Google Play. Ensure that your phone trusts the third party apps in setting in order to use the YouTube converter to MP3 for Android.

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Best Free YouTube to MP3 Downloader for Android Phone


Do you want to download YouTube music as MP3 or MP4? This is a free app for Android that can easily download YouTube videos and music into MP3 files. You can download videos and music in 3 easy steps.

  • Firstly, search the video you wish to download using the official API of YouTube.
  • Then, click on the video to select and download.
  • Finally, download the video as MP3 or MP4, listen to the songs or share it.

  • The features of this app are-

    • Simple and easy to understand
    • Download in just 3 steps
    • Easy song storage in a folder created by the app in the download section

    2.Syncios YouTube Downloader

    The Syncios YouTube to MP3 downloader for Android allows you to download your most favorite music and videos on the go. Whichever Android device you might be using, you can download the YouTube music and videos in just a few clicks. Download on your Android for offline viewing or convert the videos to your MP3 file and save it to your playlist.

    The features of Syncios YouTube downloader include-

    • Syncios YouTube converter to MP3 for Android helps to download music from over 100+ sites
    • Play 4k resolution videos after downloading music and videos on your Android
    • The quality and format of the video can be chosen by you while downloading
    • Sleek and easy to use


    You cannot find this app on Google Play store so you need to install Peggo apk files to your Android device. Once the Peggo apk files are installed, you can use the YouTube to MP3 downloader for Android. You just need to select the video that you wish to save as an audio file and start converting to MP3.

    The features of this app include-

    • Convert HD videos to MP3
    • Supports YouTube converter to MP3 for Android as well as Soundcloud
    • Simply select videos, share it through Peggo, and then tap “Record MP3'. Peggo will download MP3
    • Edit options like remove silence and normalize are available
    • Peggo folder in the Music Directory stores the MP3 files

    4.Free YTD Video Downloader for Android

    Best High Quality Music Downloader For Android Phone

    Download multiple files with the free YTD video downloader for Android. Once the app is installed on your Android device, open the interface to click on the download tab.

    Next, open YouTube in the browser and search for your preferred file.

    Click on it and select the URL at the top of the YouTube interface. Right-click to copy the link and paste it into the search bar of the YTD Video Downloader interface. As soon as you click download, your file is converted to MP3.

    The features of this app include-

    • Unlimited downloads from video streaming sites
    • Easy and simple sorting of files from a collection of videos which can be password protected
    • Privacy protection by setting a password for this app

    5.Android Youtube Downloader

    You may operate the Android YouTube downloader in two separate ways. In the first method, search and download within the app itself like other apps. In the second method, you just use the YouTube app by default. From YouTube itself, share the video and select YouTube Downloader.

    Whatever the way is for download, you can choose the version of the video you wish to download or extract the MP3 audio.

    The features of the app include-

    • Browse your favorite artists and music videos
    • Extract the MP3 to your Android for offline listening
    • Easy YouTube converter to MP3 for Android with a simple interface
    • Support for multiple connections for fast downloads


    SnapTube is a convenient and rapid YouTube to MP3 downloader for Android. You can categorize the videos into most viewed, daily recommendations, and popular. Search for the videos by typing the name out in the search bar.

    The features are-

    • Simple, fast, and convenient
    • Download to play it later offline
    • Several search options
    • Choose the download quality to save memory on your Android device
    • Just save the audio option

    Recommended: Filmora9 on Desktop

    If you want YouTube to MP3 downloader for desktop, then Filmora9 is one of the best, trusted, and most recommended apps. Without losing any quality download your favorite music from YouTube on your desktop easily.

    Once you import the video, right click on the “Audio Detach” option to find the audio track on your timeline. Click on the chosen track to select and export. Choose the MP3 format in the output interface and your download is complete.

    Besides exporting audio directly, you can also edit the MP3 music, like giving fade in/out effect to the music downloaded, etc, or you can also add your own voiceover to the MP3 file. Gta san andreas mobile apk.

    Best High Quality Music Downloader For Android For Free

    Whether YouTube to MP3 download for Android or desktop, choose the most reliable app from the above list and enjoy unlimited high-quality music at all times.

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