How To Download Keylogger For Android

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Shadow is a monitoring android application which is specially developed for the parents. Shadow will also help you when one of your friend ask for your phone to use for ten minutes,but you don't trust him or her. So what can you do is, You can simply activate SHADOW and give phone to your friend. Best IDEA🔥. Call recording and phone tracking for Android. Hoverwatch free spy app is the first truly family-oriented phone tracking app for Android. Remaining invisible on your phone, Hoverwatch helps protect your kids by allowing you to discover their location at any moment, see where they’ve been an hour, two hours or a few days ago, look who they called to and access. Apr 08, 2019 In Android phone, hardware keylogger is not possible. Software: It is a software made by hackers to record keystrokes.You can call it malware too. Software Keyloggers are also available for the computer. Download Keylogger apk 12 for Android. This application records text changes in text input fields.

If you signup for Opentech info newsletter you receive a welcome email where is ask your problems. Recently I received an email person Asking about best keylogger apps for android phone which can able to send logs online and free.

Here I the List of Best Free Android spy software.
Keylogger is an excellent way to hack FB password or WhatsApp. On the Internet, there are many apps available you did not need to test all because I have tested these and here is the list of Best.

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What is Keylogger and types of it?

First of all, I want to tell you what keylogger is? It is special software or hardware which records every activity, for example, every word of typed by keyboard. Using these types of application hacker can record your password and other useful information.


How To Download Keylogger For Android Computer

  1. Software keylogger
  2. Hardware keylogger

Hardware: This is an external device. Which we connect to our computer to record data. Here is a hardware keylogger example.
In Android phone, hardware keylogger is not possible.

Software: It is a software made by hackers to record keystrokes. You can call it malware too. Software Keyloggers are also available for the computer. For the Android phone, you can download from play store. Some of them are free.

Did you know: All antivirus are useless on Android. None of the antiviruses detect this keylogger as virus

Must read:

Bonus Tip: For best use these spy apps I recommend you to hide app using a launcher. In Play store there ae many free lunches available which gives you the ability to hide an app. C launcher, and Nova launcher is most famous out of all launchers.

Top keylogger apps for android phone

    1. ikeymonitor

      This is the best keylogger I have found. It is paid but you can use it on a free trial for 3 days. Don’t worry it will not ask for the credit card.
      It will remotely send you all log files like SMS, call record and keystroke. Although it records all keystrokes but it separates all apps data. It will send log files after 5 minutes.
      You can set Time interval to send log files.
      How to Install

    1. Visit ikeymonitor and click on download free trial
    2. After signup check your email account. You will receive a mail from ikeymonitor like this.
    3. Open ikeymonitor and log in with your account. When you log in you will see this popup
    4. I’m using android so I will choose android. On the Confirm page choosing anything from first two options. I will choose the first option.

      After that, It will show you an app download link.

      Download this and install in your victim phone. Installation is very simple It will ask for the license key that you receive in your mailbox. In any case, you don’t know how to log in then use this link for help

      After successful installation, you can receive logs online. I just open my WhatsApp and type some random words here are results.

      As you see it will send you key records online. Just install once and then forget about it.

  1. Shadow Kid’s Key Logger

    The shadow is becoming famous day by day. It is the best free spy app to record all keyboard activities. You can apply a password for securing log files so nobody can see it. Here are simple steps to enable this app.

    1. Install App from play store here is link
    2. Open it and click on activate shadow button it will show you a popup. Now tap on “Proceed.”
    3. It will take you to Language & input settings there is one more keyboard “Simple IME” you need to enable this by clicking on it.
    4. The last step Open any app where you can type something like I am using Opera browser. When I click on the search box, it shows the keyboard. When it show you keyboard then Scroll your notification bar and click on “Chose input method” it will show you are enabled keyboard here you can choose “Simple IME” to record all data.
    5. Now it will record all data. To view recorded logs Open shadow and tap on View log as shown in the screenshotOne biggest llimitations of that app is ugly looks frequently people change keyword they see this type of keyboard. But don’t be sad here are some another great spy apps available Keep reading.
  2. Hoverwatch

    This app is not available in Google play store. You have to download from official site. This is best free spy software from all tested apps. First of all, it is not a keyboard app it is a spy app. You will not need any physical access to see typed keystrokes again and again.
    Just Install and receive log files online. There is the only one limitation in this app that it will give you free trial version up to 3 days. Therefore, you can use hoverwatch free for only three days. Paid Plans are starting from $8.33/month for a single device

    How to enable hoverwatch

    1. Open hoverwatch official site, type your email and password and click on “Sign up Free” Button.
    2. It will take you to URL you can see a Download button click on it [make sure it is under android tab as shown in the screenshot]
    3. After downloading Install it in which phone you want to install. Don’t ask in comments how to install an app.
    4. After Installing it, open the app. When you open this app, it will ask you about I am going to use this software to monitor. I recommend you to choosing my own device and make sure Hide Hoverwatch Icon and click on the Ok button
    5. on next page agree With Legal Terms tap on I ACCEPT button then It will ask for “Activate device administrator” click on Activate button
    6. On next page, it will ask your email & password so enter email and password that you made in the first step
    7. Done now you are ready you can view logs on the hoverwatch website. Sign in your account and you can see all recorded keystroke.
  3. Hackers keylogger

    Another quality based app is hacker’s keyboard. If you are disappointed shadow by his looks, then this app is best for you. It looks like a regular keyboard Although is paid, but it will not send you logs files online, you need physical access to the device again and again :(.

    The price of this is $0.45 [₹30]. Things that I like about this app, it separates all data by apps. It is same as shadow keylogger expect looks.

Best Free Keylogger

Some useless apps

There are some apps available in play store I don’t know why their creator create them. They record activities like WhatsApp time to open, power off/on time, etc. useless things. I am making listing these apps, so you don’t waste your time.

Kidlogger: Free version of Kidlogger is completely useless maybe some useful for you. If you want to buy premium version then for testing, it is good. It records data like app time when user open it. You can receive this information remotely by installing the app.

Text Tracker: Never use this app because it will hack your Gmail account password. On opening text tracker it will ask your Gmail account & password for sending information remotely. Look: to send any information never need a password. Don’t use it.

SpyTOOLS: Another useless app in play store. Some Java programmers who know how to build an app they are creating these times useless apps maybe because they are free.

Best Keyloggers For Android

Hope you have found best keylogger apps for the Android device. If you think I am missing something Let me know