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Gangstar: Crime City
Platform(s)Mobile phone (Java ME)
Genre(s)Third-person shooter, action-adventure, open world, racing

Gangstar: Crime City is a 2006 open world action-adventure mobile game developed and published by Gameloft. The game is about a gangster who explores the fictional town of Crime City looking for money, power, and occupation of other gangs.

Ready to roll the dice on a life of crime? Then the city of Vegas is waiting for a gangster like you! Run free in a massive open game world full of gang wars, theft, vice, auto racing, sniper action, clan conspiracies, zombie shooting, and other absolutely fun and completely wild $^%#! V IS FOR VEGAS: THE CITY OF SIN √ Explore every inch of this grand open city, where every vice has a. Gangstar: Crime City. Free download of Gangstar: Crime City game for java 320x240 devices. Easily download Gangstar: Crime City jar game fast. Great Mobile Sites © Dedomil 2oo3-2o19. Download free Gangstar Crime City - 128x160 Action mobile game.128x160.

A sequel, Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A., was released on November 2008.[1]

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Crime City is almost like a combination of Los Angeles and Miami (mostly Miami-based areas). Areas such as Ocean Beach (as used in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City) and Ocean Drive are examples. Policemen and their vehicles are patterned after the LAPD.

Like Grand Theft Auto, the game is structured as an open world, sandbox-based environment, affording the player a sizeable area in which to move around; the game's world is divided into two maps representing an upscale and a run-down suburban district respectively. On foot, the player is able to run and operate a variety of vehicles, but is limited to using firearms, though this is compensated by infinite ammunition on the pistol to make up for the lack of melee combat. While storyline missions are necessary to progress through the game, they are not mandatory as players can complete them at their own leisure. Aside from the main storyline, players can also partake in side activities such as street racing, purchasing properties such as a restaurant and a recording label, and a drug-dealing minigame, though given the heavily-censored nature of the game, euphemisms like 'candies' and other confectionery-related terms were used to avoid any direct references to narcotics.

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The weapon stores are similar to Grand Theft Auto's Ammu-Nation, although the player can buy additional health and bodyguards there. The selection ranges from the pistol, with infinite ammunition, the Uzi, which can be used for drive-by shootings, the AK-47 rifle, a pump-action shotgun, and the rocket launcher, which can only be obtained in certain places. Unlike in Grand Theft Auto, players are only restricted to using weapons; hand-to-hand combat and melee attacks aren't available in-game.


Gangstar: Crime City received mixed to positive reception from critics, with praise given to the gameplay and Gameloft's efforts at bringing a Grand Theft Auto-like experience to mobile devices, which hasn't seen any official release from Rockstar up until the tenth anniversary mobile release of Grand Theft Auto III in 2011. IGN's Levi Buchanan gave Crime City a score of 7.4 put of 10, stating 'If you can get into Gangstar without any expectation other than a reasonable facsimile of the GTA experience on the smallest screen at a bargain price, there are definitely some kicks to be had. Just keep your tongue planted firmly in cheek while playing.'[2] In a similarly positive review, Pocket Gamer also noted the game being heavily based on Grand Theft Auto, stating 'although it's not the best it could be, Gangstar: Crime City is a good stab/shot/other-violent-metaphorical-verb at turning GTA into mobile form. Solid, if not completely polished,'[3] While both reviewers noted the game's open world and missions, its stereotypical portrayal of gangsta rap and hip-hop culture was criticised and ridiculed as being cliche and tongue-in-cheek.

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Gangstar crime city game download for java mobile game
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Genre(s)Action-adventure, role-playing
  • Gameloft
  • Gameloft Ukraine
First releaseGangstar: Crime City
Latest releaseGangstar New Orleans
30 March 2017

Gangstar is a series of open worldaction-adventure game released by video game developer Gameloft.

Games in the Gangstar series [1] are set in fictional locales modeled after American cities, and is primarily inspired by open world crime-based games such as Grand Theft Auto and later Saints Row.[2] Gameplay focuses on an open world where the player can choose missions at their own leisure to progress an overall story, as well as engaging in side activities, consisting of action-adventure, driving, third-person shooting, occasional role-playing, stealth and racing elements. The series focuses around many different protagonists who attempt to rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld, although their motives for doing so vary in each game.

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Release timeline
2006Gangstar: Crime City
2008Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A.
2009Gangstar: West Coast Hustle
2010Gangstar: Miami Vindication
2011Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
2013Gangstar City
Gangstar Vegas
2017Gangstar: New Orleans

Gangstar: Crime City (2006)[edit]

Gangstar: Crime City is a 2006 open world action-adventure mobile game developed and published by Gameloft. The game is about a gangster who explores the fictional town of Crime City looking for money, power, and occupation of other gangs.

Gangstar 2: Kings of LA (2008)[edit]

Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. or Gangstar 2 Kings of LA (for BlackBerry OS)[3] is a mobilegame, developed and published by Gameloft.[4] The Java ME version was released in November 2008[citation needed], the BlackBerry OS version was released in August 5, 2009[5] and the Nintendo DSi version was released in April 12, 2010.[6][7] The game is about a gangster, Pedro (nicknamed Chico) and his friend Juan, who have escaped from Mexico. They arrive in Los Angeles looking for money and power. A version of the game was released for the iPhone and Android platforms in 2009, retitled as Gangstar: West Coast Hustle.

Gangstar: West Coast Hustle (2009)[edit]

Gangstar: West Coast Hustle is a game for iPhone/iPod Touch and webOS and Gangstar: West Coast Hustle HD is one for Android and iPad developed and published by Gameloft. Gangstar: West Coast Hustle - FREE is the free version for iPhone/iPod Touch. It is a remake of Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A.. A sequel to the game entitled Gangstar: Miami Vindication was released in September 2010.[8] in 2017, the game was removed from the app store. It was released on August 20, 2009 for iOS, November 25, 2010 for Android,[9] and June 10, 2010 for iPad.[10]

Gangstar Crime City Java Game Download

Gangstar: Miami Vindication (2010)[edit]

Gangstar: Miami Vindication is an open world action/adventure game for iOS, Java ME, Mac OS X, and Android. It follows Gangstar: West Coast Hustle and is the third main game in the Gangstar series. The game follows Johnny Gainesville, a middle-aged man in search for his brother, who was last seen in Miami, so he goes off to find him, but is driven into a life of crime.Gangstar: Miami Vindication features helicopters, boats, and motorcycles. Police vehicles can be customized as well. Also, the game now features voice acting instead of a textual dialogue, albeit lacking any facial animations. The game features more profanity than the previous game. Other than people, alligators can be killed, but they do not give any benefit. According to the preview of the game by Gameloft, the map was 1.5 times larger than the previous game. Although it is the successor to Gangstar: West Coast Hustle, the only two connections the games are L.C.'s appearance and a reference to Eddie Fallon. In 2012, a spin-off called Urban Crime was released and follows the aftermath of the departure of Johnny Gainesville from Miami. As of early 2018 the game has suddenly disappeared from The Apple App Store for unknown reasons.

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints (2011)[edit]

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is set in modern-day Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.[11] The story revolves around Assassinos gang member Raul. After attempting to leave the gang with his girlfriend Ana, a car bomb seriously injures Raul and kills Ana. The story focuses mainly on Raul's attempts to find the Ana's killer. Like games in the Grand Theft Auto series, Gangstar Rio has elements from driving games and third-person shooters, and features 'open-world' gameplay that gives the player more control over their playing experience. It was released on November 10, 2011.[12] It was followed by a sequel, Gangstar Vegas, in 2013

Gangstar: Vegas (2013)[edit]

Gangstar Crime City Java Game Download For Android

Gangstar Vegas is set in modern-day Las Vegas, Nevada. The story revolves around Jason Malone, a skilled MMA fighter who is targeted by Frank Veliano after winning in a match. Like games in the Grand Theft Auto series, Gangstar Vegas has elements from driving games and third-person shooters, and features 'open-world' gameplay that gives the player more control over their playing experience.

Gangstar: New Orleans (2017)[edit]

Gangstar New Orleans[13] is the sixth game of the Gangstar series and the fifth one to be released for iOS and Android. The gameplay is similar to its predecessor, it is an open-world game set in New Orleans except it requires a persistent internet connection to run the game. Vehicles are also the same compared to the previous installment of the game in the Gangstar series but there are few new cars. There were online events that anyone can participate to win awards but these were removed in recent updates.

Gangstar City (2013)[edit]

In 2013, a spin-off called Gangstar City was released. The plotline of the story follows Garcia who has recently escaped from Mexico, his brother, Pedro, also the main character in Gangstar West Coast Hustle, has been kidnapped and now has to kill all thugs that stand between him and his brother. The game takes place in Los Angeles and includes four districts that the player must take control of which include, Santa Monica, Hollywood, South Central as well the Crib. The game is available as a free download on Google Play.

Gangstar Crime City Game Download For Java Mobile Games


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Gangstar Crime City Game Download For Java Mobile Game

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