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SnapSeed is a photo editor app to edit photos on Android and iOS smartphone to give your pictures professional editing. The SnapSeed photo editing app has over 29 editing tools which include cropping, brush, filter your photos, and so many other features.

There are many apps to editing photos on Android and iOS smartphone to clear background images or change it totally. However, in this SnapSeed review, we’ll explain in detail how to turn your photos on your Android and iOS devices to more amazing photos.

Snapseed App is a best photo editing tool developed by Google. As of now You can download Snapseed for PC, MAC, Android (apk) from here.

If you don’t have this photo editor app installed on your smartphone we’ll provide a link to download the app from the Google play store if you are using an Android phone and a download link to grab the app from the Apple apps store.

Table of Contents

  • Download SnapSeed Photo Editor App
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  2. Snapseed for pc free download - GoToAssist, WhatsApp for PC, Kindle for PC, and many more programs. Enter to Search. Message with friends and family while your phone stays in.
  3. Download free Snapseed for your Android phone or tablet, file size: 27.03 MB, was updated 2018/02/07 Requirements:android: 4.4 Kitkat or above.
  4. Sep 09, 2016  Officially, there is no Snapseed PC version available yet. But, there is a way through which you can install the Android version of this application and use it on your Windows computer or laptop. The method even works for Mac systems. Till now, the Snapseed app (Android iOS) isn’t available for Windows Phone.

What is SnapSeed App?

SnapSeed is a Google photo editing app. The app was previously owned by Nik Software before the ownership was later transferred to Google based on an agreed deal.

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The photo editing tool is mainly for Android and iOS users to edit photos on their smartphone for free. The app doesn’t have the desktop client for Windows and Mac.

However, a walkaround may see you using the photo editor app on Windows and Mac computer using your favourite emulator.

Download SnapSeed Photo Editor App

Let’s quickly consider how to download the photo editor app and install it on Android and iOS smartphone.


If you are an Android user and you’d love to download and install Snap seed photo editor app follow the procedures below.

  • Open the Google play store on your Android phone
  • Type “SnapSeed” into the search box and click on the search button
  • Tap on the “install” button
  • The app will start installing and the app will be added to your list of apps.

Once you go through the procedures above to download and install the Google photo editor app, the app will be downloaded and installed on your phone.

iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod)

There are various ways to download apps on the iOS smartphone. Whichever way you choose to go through, all that is important is to download the photo editor app.

Therefore, here in this proceeding, we’ll download the Google photo editing app from the App store.

  • Open the App Store on your iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod)
  • Type the name of the photo editing app (SnapSeed)
  • Click on “get” in front of the editing app
  • Enter your passcode or Touch ID to confirm the installation
  • The Google photo editing app for iOS will start downloading with a download indication with a small circle located at the right of the app store.
  • Once the app has been installed successfully, the app will be added to your iOS home screen.

Google Photo Editor Features

If you are new to the photo editing tool, here are some of the features you can’t do without.

  • 9 Tools and Filters, including Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective (see list below)
  • Opens JPG and RAW files
  • Save your personal looks and apply them to new photos later
  • Selective filter brush
  • All styles can be tweaked with fine, precise control
  • RAW Develop – open and tweak RAW DNG files; save non-destructively or export as JPG
  • Tune image – adjust exposure and colour automatically or manually with fine, precise control
  • Details – magically bring out surface structures in images
  • Crop – crop to standard sizes or freely
  • Rotate – rotate by 90°, or straighten a skewed horizon
  • Perspective – fix skewed lines and perfect the geometry of horizons or buildings
  • White Balance – Adjust the colours so that the image looks more natural
  • Brush – selectively retouch exposure, saturation, brightness or warmth
  • Selective – the renown “Control Point” technology: Position up to 8 points on the image and assign enhancements, the algorithm does the rest magically
  • Healing – remove the uninvited neighbour from a group picture
  • Vignette – add a soft darkness around the corners like a beautiful, wide-aperture would do
  • Text – add both stylized or plain text
  • Curves – have precise control over the brightness levels in your photos
  • Expand – increase the size of your canvas and fill up the new space in smart ways with the content of your image
  • Lens Blur – add a beautiful Bokeh to images (background softening), ideal for photographic portraits
  • Glamour Glow – add a fine glow to images, great for fashion or portraits
  • Tonal Contrast – boost details selectively in the shadows, mid-tones and highlights
  • HDR Scape – bring a stunning look to your images by creating the effect of multiple exposures
  • Drama – add a hint of doomsday to your images (6 styles)
  • Grunge – an edgy look with strong styles and texture overlays
  • Grainy Film – get modern film looks with realistic grain
  • Vintage – the style of colour film photo from the ’50s, 60’s or 70’s
  • Retrolux – go retro with light leaks, scratches, film styles
  • Noir – Black and White’s film looks with realistic grain and the “wash” effect
  • Black & White – classic Black and White look straight out of the darkroom
  • Frames – add frames with adjustable size
  • Double Exposure – blend two photos, choosing from blend modes that are inspired by shooting on film and by digital image processing
  • Face Enhance – add focus to the eyes, add face-specific lighting, or smoothen skin
  • Face Pose – correct the pose of portraits based on three-dimensional models

How to Use Google Photos Editor App

For every beginner, you need to focus on this section to grasp this tutorial so you can use the photo editing app as a professional. With this app, you don’t need PhotoShop app or software before you can professionally edit your photos on your Android phone and iOS smartphone.

Snapseed For Android Free Download

1. Go your app menu and click on the Snapseed app icon. You will see the image below.

2. If you click on the 3-dots to the upper right you will see three options. The settings, tutorial, help & feedback. You will also see the help icon as well as the option to add a new photo. You can just tap anywhere on your phone screen to select a photo you’ve already taken from your phone gallery.

3. Select the photo you want to edit using the Snapseed Google photo editing and upload it to the app. Once the photo is uploaded, you will three choosing in the phone taskbar which are the “LOOKS, TOOLS, & EXPORT”.

4. Under the look option you have features like Portrait, Smooth, Pop, Accentuate, Faded Glow, Morning, Bright, Fine art, Structure, Push, and Silhouette. These are the features you can change the photo look to before or during editing.

5. When you click on the TOOLS you will see more than 29 active tools you can use. Some of the features include tune image, details, curves, white balance, crop, brush, perspective, expand, grunge, drama, lens blur, portrait, noir, and many more of which we have explained them above.

6. The export section is where you will see the share option, save a copy of your edited photo, export edited photo as JPEG, and even save a copy of the photo to as selected folder instead of your phone gallery using the Export feature.

7. To start editing, we’d use the mentioned feature above. We’ll limit it to one feature so that you can follow the same trend to edit your phone using the Snapseed.

8. Select the photo look and click on the accept button. Tap on the tools, click crop to cut out some part you didn’t want, to rotate, click on the rotate icon, you can also add HDR landscape and select whether you want to use nature or people or fine or strong, you can also drag your hand on the screen to change the brightness, saturation, and filter strength and then click on the mark icon to make changes.

9. Once you are done with the editing, tap on the Export option to save the edited copy. You can also share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, Messenger, as a direct message, Bluetooth, etc.

Play Mobile games on PC with Andy Android Emulator

With the increasing number of people longing for good pictures for their selfies, at the moment, out of the day, throwback and so on, Snapseed for PC is now available for all users who need an instant image editing tools. It can give you quick editing options and after a minute, your photo is ready for upload.

Snapseed Application Highlights

Keep on playing the game to discover more of what it could offer. You will be given with important yet simple tutorial which will help you learn what the game can provide and its important game console. Some of Snapseed best highlights are

  • You can tune the image by changing the brightness. It can give you automatic result in one click but you can set the amount of brightness.
  • You can crop the image on your desired size or remove some areas you don’t want others to see. You can change in free mode or just set the aspect ratio. You can also rotate on your desired angle.
  • Snapseed for PC can also transform the photo on either horizontal, vertical or even with degrees. You can select some imperfect spots with selective options. While the outer brightness can be changed with vignette.
  • Filters and lens blur are the most common because it can change the whole scene or add some effects to the photo.
  • Spot repair is also for imperfection of the picture but it is for the large parts. While the brush can make these parts less visible.

Get Your Photos Ready for Upload

Snapseed for PC main goal is to allow you to edit some photo. It is not faking but it will let you be the best on every shot you make. It will also allow you to delete some parts that must be hidden.

We all know, tablet or phone has smaller memory capacity compared to computer so it will not be easier for you to store many games and applications. One of the best answers for this is to move to PC by adding Andy on your system. It also provides extra entertainment for gamers to enjoy every single detail of the game which is possible at a large screen and tougher when viewed at tablet or phone. It is easier to replace mouse, keyboard and other computer accessories compared to replacing your gadget’s screen in case it already gave up from your abusive finger.

How Andy Works with Snapseed for PC

Andy is an application that is installed to personal computer to have games and applications like Snapseed for PC designed and created for gadgets to suit the PC. Andy can be downloaded and be used for free; you just have to get it by following the steps given below. It requires a small space only from your memory to enjoy all the benefits it could offer.

The main goal of the emulator is to work in between the application or games for portable gadget and PC. The games or application created have requirements so it will work on where it is made for. If it is released for portable gadget, then the compatibility requirements is not appropriate once it is downloaded and installed on PC. Because of this, you will meet some issues if you want to transfer to personal computer. It will give you a feeling like moving what you see on gadget’s Android screen on your personal computer screen plus you can get as much as applications and games as you require.

To acquire the best out of the emulator, Andy created more features and benefits that will allow you to enjoy it aside from working as a barrier between the apps and the personal computer. It will permit you to acquire the screen like what you see on your tablet or phone same as what you will see on your PC. It is like mirroring all the contents and it is possible through the remote application that can be acquired separately and you are not required to use. You can have applications and games through the remote control or you can just use the desktop alone by installing all the apps again. All you need to do is to synchronize your Google Play and Facebook account. You can also let other apps functioning at the background like social media, communication apps and etc.

Snapseed For Android Phone Free Download Free

Download Snapseed For PC

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

Step 3: When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search Snapseed download.

Step 5: Find Snapseed and start the installation.

Clash of lords 2 apk download for android pc. Step 6: Launch the game and you can now play Snapseed on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touch screen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.

Step 7: You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy OS to the installation process, you can use this link to access the group: support

Snapseed For Android Phone Free Download

Enjoy Playing Snapseed on PC!!!