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  • May 25, 2019  Flashlight Widget for Android. Small and stable widget for android toggling the flash on/off. The target was to make a small and stable widget for the android homescreen toggling the flashlight on and off, as most other flashlight apps have 1mb and /.
  • Dec 24, 2016  Flash Light On Off Widget app for android Windowexe. Unsubscribe from Windowexe? How to make Android Application Widget in Android Studio - Duration: 5:48.
  • Nov 13, 2019  The article will be focusing on the best android widgets. The weather widget is perhaps the most common widget that is used by most Android users. Despite the stock widget being pretty decent, people prefer custom widgets because they can theme according to their taste.
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FonePaw - Solution - Photography - Enable Flashlight on Any Android Phone

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I appreciate the Android camera of Samsung Galaxy S7 because it is equipped with a new advanced sensor for catching details. However, we know that light, the part and parcel of photography, contributes most to a successful work. So how can we take perfect Android photos in the dark without the low-light camera? The answer is to improve the light of the object. Besides turning on auto night detection, we can enable flash on any Android phone.

Some users may feel confused about flashlight which has two definitions: the flash feature in Camera app and flashlight function to light up the way. With these two cases, this post will direct you to enable them with ease.

How to Turn on/off Flash on Android

Step 1. Launch Camera on Android

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Go to your Android phone like Samsung Galaxy S6. Then locate and tap the Camera icon on the desktop to open it.

Step 2. Check Flashlight on Android

You can take a photo and check whether the flashlight is on or not. If not, continue to the following steps.

Step 3. Go to Settings

In this step, lightly touch the little gear icon to turn on Settings and unfold setting options of your Android camera.

Step 4. Turn on Camera Flash

In the setting menu, you will find the option Flash. Tap it and turn on the flash if it is off.

Now the Flash is on. Try to randomly shoot any object and check the flashlight.

Good photography work is associated with sufficient light. So, remember to turn on the flash light on your Android phone by following the tips we post every time you want to snap the scene in the dark. After adjusting the light, you cancapture attractive pictures at night with your Android phone with your Android phone.

Enable Flashlight on Android (Take Samsung S7 Edge as an example)

To enable or disable flashlight on your Android phone is really simple and most of phones/tablets can be set up in the same way.

1. Scroll down from the top of the screen with your finger to call for Notification Panel.

2. Find out 'Flashlight' to tap it. You will notice that the flashlight is on. At this time, you can use it to light up the dark environment.

Note: If you need the flashlight off, please tap it again.

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Mobile Flashing was once deemed to be a complicated affair involving a lot of expertise and detailed knowledge on the latest OS and syncing software. But now, thanks to the mobile flashing software free download for all; this has become as easy as child’s play.


There are different versions of these programs; android software flashing software free download links are as popular as software for individual brands like Nokia and Samsung mobile flashing software free download links.

1. Cyber Flashing

This is a cool and minimal mobile flashing software that has come to satiate the need of all technophiles. This is compatible with all windows OSx and latest android versions as well.

  • Supports flash between two wireless devices.
  • Complete and automated, full and basic flashing in one click.
  • Comes with integrated video tutorials and screen shots.
  • Free download and installation guide for all users; extended compatibility and bug fixes.

2. Flash&Backup

The Flash&Backup 3.0 is an easy to use mobile flashing software that is meant for tech savvy people who are interested to reroute their phones­ and update their firmware.

  • Intuitive interface with easy navigation options.
  • Works best with all Motorola phones.
  • Requires USB ports, P2K driver, Windows XP and higher.
  • One touch mobile flashing options for all Moto OSx.
  • Provides easy backup options before updating firmware.

3. BlackBerry Easy Flasher New Edition 2012

This is a useful flashing tool for every BlackBerry user. All you need to do is connect your phone to a PC, click a few buttons, sit back and relax.

  • Step by step installation guide for all windows and blackberry users.
  • Supports all new models; you can download new OS and update firmware,
  • Supports backup of all old firmware details in case of new update installation.
  • Free download.

4. Sony Mobile Flasher

This new mobile flasher is a powerpakced software which is ideal for all Sony users. Just connect your Sony phone to your PC and gear up for the fastest flashing in the history of mobile users.

  • Required OS support: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • You can root, reboot, back up and rebrand your Sony Xperia phone irrespective of model.
  • Can successfully clean the phone’s ROM.
  • Install busy box and custom kernels.

5. Android devices flashing software from All Mobile Tools

The new and improved free flashing software has been released as a free download complete with all the free updates. This helps you to install and update custom firmware in your android phones and devices.

  • Compatible with all latest android versions and compatible with Windows XP, windows 7 and windows 8 as well.
  • Can create a back up of all your old files and data.
  • Auto download latest firmware updates for your phones.

6. Kingo Root

One of the best rooting and flashing software for all android devices in the current market. This offers free service for rooting, uninstalling bloatware, ads free interface and boosting battery life.

  • Compatible versions available for both Windows and Android devices.
  • Allows you to unlock hidden features in your phone.
  • Helps you to clean up your ROM and boost phone memory.
  • Completely secure and provides all necessary back up of data before rooting.

7. Smart phone flash tool

All the versions of the Smart Phone Flash Tool allow you to flash any Stock ROM as well as custom Android Smartphone without losing any data.

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  • Memory test supported; allows all users to check RAM and NAND flash.
  • Users can set the parameter on the devices and users can write functions for OTP.
  • Users can opt for formatting their Android devices as well as Hard reset of their OS.

8. Flashing Utility

A free firmware for all windows users; this can replace your old Prog Printer and Font Loader with their newer versions. anyone can now update their firmware with a minimal few steps.
  • Create your own firmware packages to select your choice of firmware and printer fonts.
  • 3 different kinds of packages; Firmware Only, Plugins Only and Firmware- Plugins packages.
  • Step by step installation and package creation for all users.

9. LG Mobile Flashing Software

The latest flashing software for all LG users irrespective of models and android versions. this one completely free and comes with all updates.

  • Best ROM flash tool comes with complete ROM cleanup options.
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1
  • Post installation all you have to do is download the latest LG flash tool update, extract and copy-paste the KDZ file to flash tool folder and run it for the latest updates.

10. KingRoot APK V4.1 download for Windows

Anyone can avail this flashing software for free. It is well suited for rooting and flashing all android devices.

  • Minimum OS requirements; Android: Froyo 2.2x
  • Lengthens battery life and customizes appearance.
  • Boots your OS, all android versions after Froyo are compatible as well.
  • Root Samsung phones as well as Sony phones without hassle.
  • Provides only root app access to all users.

Flashing is the easiest solution to all phone problems which include slow processing, frequent freezing and corrupt OSx. This is a free and fast process to redress all your Phone problems and get a faster and better phone in no time at all.

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