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  4. Best Youtube Video Downloader For Android Phone

Sep 20, 2018  AnyVid is the best mobile video downloader I ever used, at the beginning, I had something trouble in installing the app on my mobile, but the team solved the problem for me, very appreciate it! The point is the app is working well, download fast and download every videos I want! 5 stars for you guys!!Good job!! Feb 04, 2015  This is surely one cool app for android phones. The Best part of this downloader is that it lets you download any shared video in just 2 Steps Just search for. Oct 13, 2018 The FVD is one of the widely used video downloader apps for Android Platform that available in the Google Play Store. This is also one of the top downloaded and top rated video downloader app. The simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy to download videos or movies from any website using the FVD App.

Best video downloading app for Android is the best need of the hour.

Best Video Downloader For Android

There are so many good applications like Vidmate, Download Manager and AVD.

  • Aug 10, 2013  Tube Video Downloader is a one of the best Android app for downloading videos from the internet into your Android devices. Using this app, you can simply download and store videos in a number of different formats such as FLV, WMV, MP3, MKV, MOV and many others.
  • It is a free video downloader app for Android to download videos from the Internet, directly to the respective android devices. It is actually a web browser that is with a built-in media player and download management This web browser application allows both full screen browsing and tabbed browsing of videos.
  • Jun 13, 2019 Additional features of watching the host videos, download the video using URL are considerable things on this application. Application 3: Android video downloader. It is a special application developed for the purpose to download videos on android phone with the format of HD, 4k videos, and 1080p files on your phone.

Many Android users wonder and look for the best video downloading an application that may directly download the videos from different social media sites (especially YouTube) and from some other video sites like Vimeo and daily motion.

Following is the complete detailed list of top apps that are much handy for direct downloading of the videos from the internet.

Some apps are available on Play store, but most of them are only available on the official site because Play store restricts the applications which allow YouTube video downloading.

Selected Video Downloader


Snaptube is My favorite video downloader application. There are Many alternatives but still, any app does not compete with snaptube. But you will not get this app in the Google Play store

Here are some Best Features

  • website support Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and all other websites.
  • Whatsapp status saving Feature
  • Get Trending Videos without Opening Youtube
  • Convert Video Files into Audio Files
  • Download All Playlist Videos with one Click


If you are looking for a specific app for downloading videos from Youtube only then go with tubemate. Tubemate has a special feature for youtube.

Click when you copy Link It will automatically show download option you don’t even Need to open tubemate.


Videoder is very fascinating and user-friendly app when it comes to downloading the videos in android phone. You can easily stalk the desired videos and download it directly in your device.

An exciting prospect is that you can directly stream the videos within the app. You can easily browse, watch and download the selected videos from a single app.

One important thing to note down is that you cannot find it in the Play store; you have to download it from its official site. It’s available in both free and premium editions.


Keepvid allows any android user to directly keep the favorite videos in their device anytime.

It has a much friendly interface; you can download the videos from multiple sites in high quality. If you want to download the audio version of the videos, then you can also do it by installing a plug-in.

All Other Video Downloading Apps For Android

First of all, let’s list those downloading apps which can be directly downloaded from Play store

1. All video downloader

All video downloader provides you the full command regarding all kind of downloading. It has several built-in browsers which allow you to directly grab the videos, photos, and music online.

When the specific media file is grabbed, you can download it in the desired quality. It also has the resume download feature.

2. Advanced Download Manager (Ps)

The advanced download manager is the fastest android downloader.

It directly downloads from the servers and browsers and uses the multithreading techniques to make the downloading speed up to 9 times higher. It can simultaneously download multiple files too

3. FVD

Free video downloader is quite popular among Android users. Although it is not compatible with YouTube and it does not have a catchy interface, but it has an edge with its capabilities.

It gives you the resume option in downloading. You can even download multiple files at once with FVD. Further, you can put private videos under coded security too.

4. Download Manager

The download manager is one of the most common downloading applications in android. You can expect it from its name that it works as your virtual assistant to make any downloading task much easier.

It tracks all the downloading stats and gives you the ability to resume any interrupted or paused download.

5. Vidmate

Vidmate is quite popular when it comes to directly download the online videos in the Android phone. You can directly open and search your desired video within the app.

You can easily set the video quality and the downloading destination folder from the download settings.


Instube is yet again an exciting app that has the functionality of both Instagram and YouTube. You can easily watch, download and share the videos from the running application.

You can even bookmark your favorite links in this application, and you can hide any private videos too.


Yt3 summarizes the major function of YouTube to mp3 format conversion. It means you can even directly convert YouTube videos into mp3 without using any special plug-in.

When you play songs through this app, it also provides you with the lyrics. Isn’t that amazing? You can also download mp4 videos from it, but it is only compatible with YouTube.

Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. Actually, moving your Spotify Music to an Android devices is not an impossible mission anymore since there are a number of ways and services that can help you–you can download Spotify music first and convert Spotify to MP3 android. And this tutorial here will offer the best solutions on how to convert Spotify to MP3 android for you. The first method to download music from Spotify to Android is by using a really cool application called iMusic.This Spotify music downloader Android provides a simple and free way to download music from Spotify and save it straight to your Android mobile phone. IMusic is an all-rounder for meeting all your music demands, making it possible to download music from a number of websites including. How to download spotify playlist for free on android.

Best Youtube Video Downloader For Android Mobile


Newpipe is the open source video downloading platform. It is also compatible with Android. It is a lighter version of an online video portal where you can directly browse, watch movies and songs.

It has a much exciting feature that allows you to work with other applications without generating a pause on any running music in Newpipe.


Android video Downloader (AVD) is an exciting application that has much easy to use interface. It allows you to download any videos from various sites. You can even watch and download any flash videos with it.

It is free; you can quickly browse videos and download them within the app. It tracks the current downloading status. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with YouTube.

Media Tap

Media Tap is considered one of the most excellent downloading platforms for Android. As the name suggests, you can download any media file. You can download any type of photo, document, mp3 or video file using media tap.

Media Clip Pro

Media clip pro gives you the most professional approach to having the desired videos anywhere at any time. You can download any kind of media like photos, videos, documents, and music.

You can save the streamed videos that can be available later in an offline mode too. You must try it because it has an easy interface which leads to faster browsing.

Multi Clip

Multi-clip also has multiple options for downloading and streaming directly through the application. You can grab any kind of multimedia and download it for later.

It is just like a video grabber because it works for millions of websites. You just wish any particular downloading action, and it automates that action for you in just a few clicks.


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Best Hd Video Downloader For Android Phone

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We’ve all been here. You become so fascinated with the latest video you have watched on YouTube and you madly wanted to download it now. You want to watch it all over again and the only possible way you can do is to download it. But the problem is what specific downloader app will be most suitable to your Android phone.

Looking for the best android YouTube downloader is not an easy task as a lot exist out there nowadays. There is a likely chance you will become confused and demotivated in trying to find an appropriate solution, as a lot of broken ones exist out there. But let’s face it, that’s why you came here. To help you out with this, here are some YouTube downloader applications that have the capacity of meeting all your needs coming along with their own line of features.

  • FREEdi YouTube Downloader

    This downloading application makes it easy to watch YouTube videos and even provides faster downloading process, in comparison. The videos can be downloaded in numerous video formats and you have the option of high quality. The user is allowed to pause or even resume the download supports. It is providing an Auto Re- Download feature enables you to resume the downloading process automatically even while reconnecting. In playing the videos, built in streaming player is given to the user. This is compatible with both lower and high end android versions.

    Supports High Quality and HD playback even on a 3g/4g Network.
    Play videos from playlists continously.
    Retain favorite playlists created by others.
    Create playlists without logging into YouTube

  • Video Tube

    Another popular YouTube downloader which allows the user to use touch gestures for quick rewind, forward, alter speed and track skip, background playing (important), AB looping, orientation locking and much more. Basically, it’s a great YouTube utility which is featured packed and actually makes YouTube more fun to browse.

  • Summary:

    Includes abilities to shuffle, video repeat and playlist repeat
    Background playing.
    User touch-screen controls
    Visibility and usability of interface is spectacular.

  • iTube pro for PlayTube

    Finding a downloader App for Android is difficult since YouTube changes their Terms of Use policy. iTube pro does not have the ability to download, as yet, however, it does support HD video. In addition to this there is no need for registration and once the videos have cached to your phone there is no need for WiFi for watching them in the future.

    No registration, free App.
    No Wifi needed once cached initially.
    Supports HD video.

  • EXTRA Link – by Dentex

    This is from my friend Dentex, compatible with Android 4+.

Best Youtube Video Downloader For Android Phone

Through the use of the above mentioned YouTube downloader applications, you are taking the reigns of your Android device, pushing it ever further. You are not just providing your phone with a newer, more powerful application, but also paving the way in giving you the entertainment you deserve. All desired videos are downloaded faster without causing too many problems on your part, hopefully. If not, let us know and we will be happy to carry out additional research. Choose one from the options above and see how compatible and sleek they are for your Android phone. Hopefully today you’ve found the most suitable android YouTube downloader, or at least player, for you.