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Sims 4 PC Download. The Sims 4 is a 2014 life recreation game created by The Sims Studio and EA Games, and distributed by Electronic Arts. The Sims 4 was initially declared for release on May 6, 2013, and was discharged in North America on September 2, 2014 for Microsoft Windows. Get The Sims 4 Download. Jun 15, 2019 The Sims 4 For Windows Download: The guide to play the game is uploaded just to overcome issues of the players who are having problems in completing the most demanding game. The Sims 4 For PC: There is lot more on our platform regarding free Sims 4 apk on our platform such as house building, create a Sim, dine out and much more exciting things.

Sims 4 APK

  • Uploaded: May 1, 2018
  • Updated: May 20, 2019
  • Application ID:
  • File Size: 6MB
  • Latest Version: 1.8.2
    3.8/5(140 votes )
  • What's New: Added New Levels
    bugs fixed

We have uploaded the free the Sims 4 apk application to download free for the android smartphone. To download this application, you need to download AIO downloader first. It will lead you to download the Sims 4 APK free, secure and fast. Free fruit ninja games. To start download please follow the link provided at the end of this post.

On the platform of APKbasket, we provide you guarantee that all the applications are guaranteed working and 100% safe for your androids. Before listing into the AIO downloader the Sims 4 APK needs to pass a signature verification check. You can also verify that the file uploaded on our platform is original and 100% working for your androids without any cheat.

Remember it is the property trademark of the developer of this application and all rights are reserved as well for that particular application. If you have any issue regarding that application then you feel free to contact the developer. We highly recommend you to download this application for better experience just from the platform of APKbasket. You can simply visit our website and access the free application of free the Sims for APK. It is the free, perfect and casual gaming application for the androids smartphones or tablets.

Sims 4 Free Download For Phone

From the gallery you can explore all the rooms, homes and venues in that particular gaming app. Unlike the application named SimCity Buildlt (another application for androids), this application is more feature able regarding socialization. There is lot of features or good qualities to discuss present in the application. If we gonna discuss about the features of this application, then there is a feature which is named as Advanced Search Filter that is useful for exploring gallery or to find out unique creations.

There is another option available in My library with which you can save your hot favorite creations to download into the Sims 4 APK automatically. You can only download your saved creations, if the application maintains complete statistics of your creations and the list of the followers of your creations. You can also play that gaming application named as Sims 4 apk without the internet connection, it means that stable internet connection is needed but it is not the actual requirement of the Sims 3 application.

The application is developed by Electronic arts, a big name in the field of android gaming application. Sims 4 APK is incredible gaming application to download for androids. To find unique creations you can also design search filters. To view statistics of your creations that you follow and share there is a separate section in the profiles. The Sims 4 game play has all the video shows included in it. It is actually a life simulator game specially designed to give the people chance to live other’s life. As you know that the first part of that particular game was launched in 2000 but the newer versions has change the whole complexion of the game with new and exciting features that have been added in the game.

The new features have new innovations and redeveloped mechanics of game and also change the image of that game series. If you don’t know that how to play the Sims 4 apk, then don’t worry there is also a guide to play the game has also been uploaded on APKbasket.

You can also find easy tips to play the game here at APKbasket platform. The uploaded guided for Sims 4 apk is very detailed and illustrated wonderfully well. The guide to play the game is uploaded just to overcome issues of the players who are having problems in completing the most demanding game. There is lot more on our platform regarding free Sims 4 apk on our platform such as house building, create a Sim, dine out and much more exciting things.

Sims 4 Free Download For Phone Pc

Download now the SIMS 4 APK File.


Sims 4 Free Download For Mobile

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Sims 4 Free Download Install

Discover a new world, new items, new cars and new people. It's time to have fun with the most played Sims game in the world, and online with your friends: Electronic Arts did not let us down this time either, even though some of the fans say that the graphics do not compare with that of the PC. The developers have taken into account the large number of smartphone and tablet users and have created it much more faster than we had expected.

Sims 4 Free Download For Android Phone

This Sims 4 Android and iOS game is the main choice for sims fanatics who love to play on the go. The Sims 4 Mobile is an open world adventure game that allows you to have a second life - sort of. Once again, this breathtaking graphical masterpiece will keep you entertained for hours on end. This Sims mobile app is the already the most downloaded game in 2017! There's plenty of things to do in The Sims Mobile - Players will get more than the usual home and character customization. This new version also lets you interact with real life friends to get a full experience of its virtual world together.