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I Spit on Your Grave 2
Directed bySteven R. Monroe
Produced by
Written by
StarringJemma Dallender
Music byCorey Allen Jackson
CinematographyDamian Bromley
Edited byKristina Hamilton-Grobler
Distributed byAnchor Bay Films
Release date
  • August 25, 2013 (Film4 FrightFest)
  • September 20, 2013 (United States)
106 minutes
100 minutes[1] (Edited cut)
CountryUnited States
Box office$668,119[2]
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I Spit on Your Grave 2 is a 2013 American rape and revengehorror film directed by Steven R. Monroe. It is a standalone sequel to the 2010 film I Spit on Your Grave, also directed by Monroe, which in turn was based on Meir Zarchi's 1978 film of the same name. The film was given a limited theatrical release at one theater and has been received negatively by critics.

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Missouri-born Katie Carter (Dallender) is an aspiring young model living in New York City and working as a restaurant waitress and receptionist to make ends meet. Desperate to update her modeling portfolio, she answers an advertisement offering a free photography session. She then meets three Bulgarian brothers, photographer Ivan (Absolom) and his assistants Nikolai, known as 'Nicky' (Aleksiev), and Georgy (Baharov), who becomes infatuated with Katie. Asus android usb driver for windows 7 free download. She leaves the photo shoot after disagreeing with Ivan about a topless shot. Georgy later arrives at Katie's apartment and apologizes regarding the incident. Katie accepts his apology and is given a flash drive containing her photos. Before leaving, Georgy states that the she can keep the pictures and upload or use them as she chooses, and that the originals were deleted from their servers to protect her privacy.

Later that night, Katie wakes up and forgets to lock her door until she wakes up and finds Georgy filming her. She shoots him with an electroshock gun. Although Katie tries to escape, Georgy binds and gags her. Katie's neighbor, Jayson, upon hearing Katie's screams, arrives and finds Katie bound and gagged, but Georgy ambushes him, stabs and kills him. Georgy then anally rapes Katie as she watches Jayson bleed to death on the floor. After reaching an orgasm, Georgy panics and calls both his brothers. Nikolai and Ivan later arrive and clean up all evidence of the crime. Ivan then force-feeds Katie ketamine, rendering her unconscious.

Katie regains consciousness while being raped by Nikolai, urinated on and handcuffed to a pipe on the floor of a basement. Ivan tells Nicky to feed her more ketamine, but as they walk out of the basement, she forcefully vomits the drug out. Pretending to be drugged, she overpowers Georgy by hitting him with a nearby metal bucket while he attempts to redress her. Katie escapes, but discovers that she is now in an unknown city. When she approaches Bulgarian police, she is taken into safe custody by Detective Kiril (Zlaterev), who informs her that she has been abducted to Bulgaria.

After an interview, in which Katie has to repetitively demand that she be sent to the U.S. Embassy, Detective Kiril hands her over to Ana (Stockley), who claims to be from a rape crisis center but is really Nikolai and Georgy's mother. Katie is returned to the basement and Valko (Silverleaf), a friend of the family's father, electroshocks her several times then brutally rapes her, leaving her bloodied. Ivan then beats her continuously.

Katie is then placed in a box with her crucifix necklace and Valko's electroshock gun and buried alive. The ground beneath the makeshift coffin caves into the sewer system below. Naked and hungry, Katie steals from a nearby church and is soon caught by priest Father Dimov (Pelka), who recognizes her as a rape survivor. He gives her food, clothing and a Bible. As Katie approaches the U.S. Embassy, she turns around instead of going in and asking for help. Back at the church, Dimov offers support. As Katie goes back to the sewers, she leaves her Bible open at Deuteronomy chapter 32. After reading the passage 'vengeance is mine', Dimov realizes that Katie is now seeking revenge against her rapists.

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Katie first steals her money back from Ana's house and buys clothes, weapons, and supplies. She lures Georgy into the sewers, captures him, and hangs him by his arms on the wall. She tortures him with a large switchblade and smears fecal matter into his wounds to cause infection, then leaves him to a slow and painful death. Meanwhile, Dimov has contacted Detective Kiril, who realizes that Katie is still in trouble. Both men aim to stop Katie from committing crimes against her rapists, and to persuade her that she would have legal justice.

At a nightclub, Katie laces Nikolai's drink with ecstasy. He runs to the bathroom where she drowns him in an unflushed toilet full of feces. The next day, Valko sees Katie during a church service and chases after her into the sewers, where Katie strikes him with a rock. When he regains consciousness, he is strapped to a metal bed frame. Katie electroshocks his genitals with his own stun stick with which she was buried, just as how he did with her. She puts a large plumber's snake into his mouth and turns it on, where it snakes its way down into his throat. She then attaches electrical cables to the bed and plumber snake and electrocutes him.

Upon returning home, Ana finds that her house has been robbed. After luring her to the basement where she was detained and tortured, Katie pushes Ana into the sewers, binds her in the same box in which they buried her, and forces her to watch Georgy die. Meanwhile, Ivan sees traces of struggle in the house and realizes that Katie has escaped; she captures him, ties him to a table, and tortures him by crushing his testicles. At that moment, Kiril is searching the sewers of the area, after Dimov showed him a door between the sewage system and his church, which he suspects Katie has used. Kiril hears Ivan and Ana's screams and follows them. While being tortured, Ivan reveals that Ana is his sister, who herself was raped by her future husband, Ivan's father. Nikolai and Georgy were the products of Ana's rapes. Katie understands Ana's sadistic nature and begins to torture Ana and Ivan, but at that moment Kiril arrives and holds his gun up to Katie. Ivan frees one of his arms, then grabs and begins to strangle Katie, but Kiril shoots Ivan in the head, allowing Katie to escape. Ana, the sole survivor is arrested by Kiril for her part in her family's crimes. As the film ends, Katie arrives at the U.S. Embassy.

I Spit On Your Grave 2 Free Download For Mobile Android


  • Jemma Dallender as Katie Carter
  • Yavor Baharov as Georgy
  • Joe Absolom as Ivan
  • Aleksandar Aleksiev as Nicolai
  • Mary Stockley as Ana
  • Valentine Pelka as Father Dimov
  • Georgi Zlaterev as Detective Kiril
  • Peter Silverleaf as Valko
  • Michael Dixon as Jayson
  • Kacey Barnfield as Sharon
  • Dimo Alexiev as Bar patron
  • Ivan Ivanov as Pedestrian
  • Krasimir Ortakchiev as Policeman


Filming began in Sofia, Bulgaria, in November 2012.[3]


When seen by the British Board of Film Classification in a rough cut form for a video classification, Anchor Bay was informed that 27 cuts were needed to secure an 18 certificate for the film.[1] The film was given a limited theatrical release in the United States on September 20, 2013, followed by an immediate home media release on DVD and Blu-ray on September 24. The uncut version (106 minutes) is available in Region 1 territories while the BBFC '18' version is sold in the UK in Region 2.[citation needed]

In the US, the film was given a theatrical release in only one theater, and only for one week. At the box office, the film made US$809 for the week it was released at one theater. Internationally, it grossed $587,648 in Russia, $10,485 in Singapore, and $79,662 in Turkey.[2]

Critical response[edit]

Critical response to the film was very negative. All 8 reviews accumulated on Rotten Tomatoes are negative, resulting in a rating of 0%.[4] Dennis Harvey of Variety wrote that the film is 'exactly the kind of bottom-feeding exploitation trash one expected the last time around'.[5]Kim Newman of Screen Daily wrote, 'Monroe’s first working-over of this material was at least competent, but this is at once too ugly to laugh at and too ridiculous to take seriously.'[6] Annlee Ellingson of the Los Angeles Times wrote that the film starts off promising but degenerates into a 'mount of toxic trash'.[7] Serena Whitney of Dread Central rated it 2/5 stars and wrote, 'Although the initial premise is frightening and the film is competently shot, I Spit on Your Grave 2 pales in comparison to the original remake.'[8] Pat Torfe of Bloody Disgusting rated it 2.5/5 stars and wrote, 'Everything about this film feels like a 'been there, done that' deal, and largely, that's what it is.'[9]


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In March 2015, Anchor Bay Entertainment announced I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance Is Mine, the third installment of the film series.[10]Sarah Butler returned to her role as Jennifer Hills and R.D. Braunstein served as director of the film.[11] It was released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 20, 2015.

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