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Buying tracks is a great way to support your favorite artists. But, sometimes you may just not have the extra money for buying a certain album or track. That is where free music downloaders step in. In this article we will present you top five apps for downloading music and top 8 free music download sites for Samsung phones.

Part 1.Top 5 Free Music Downloaders for Samsung Phones

1. Download Music MP3

There are plenty of great paid services that let you download music to your Android device, but lucky for you there are also some fantastic free ones. Here are our favorite apps for downloading music to your Android device that won’t cost you a penny. Related: 8 of the Best Launchers for Android. Download free and secure Android software and apps. Download free and secure Android software and apps. Search the entire web anytime and anywhere using your Android phone with Google Search app. Available for: Publisher. Musixmatch is a free music app that downloads lyrics for stored songs on your Android device. Downloading apps to your Android phone is simple to do and can be done from your phone or a computer, which ever you find easiest. Follow our guide to install new apps to your smartphone, and rediscover apps you might have used on previous Android devices. Oct 27, 2019 Here are the best music player apps for Android! AA gift guide. AIMP is a fairly powerful mobile music app. Everything easy to use along with skins that you can download. Jul 03, 2019  Free mp3 downloads is a very simple app that lets the user grab mp3 songs licensed as “free to use”. There is two sections in the app labeled as “Download and “Listen”. On the download tab, you can enter a query and hit search. Find your desired song among the result and download.

Download Music MP3 is an Android app developed by Vitaxel. This is one of the best rated apps for downloading music. It has received 4.5/5 stars. Many users review it as a great app which contains every song they could think of. So, we could say that Download Music MP3’s database is pretty large. This app allows you to download free music from copyleft public websites. The download is incredibly fast.

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2. Simple MP3 Downloader Pro

Simple MP3 Downloader Pro is an app developed and offered by Jenova Cloud. This app allows you to download Copyleft and CC licensed music legally. This app offers you very precise search results, without you having to enter specific keywords. The downloads are almost instant!

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3. 4Shared Music

If you know what 4Shared is, then you are probably getting the sense of 4Shared Music. 4Share Music has an extensive music library and it also gives you 15 GB storage space if you make a web account. With this app, besides downloading music, you can also upload your own files or just store them to the cloud (15 GB big cloud). Creation of playlists is also available with this app.

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4. Super MP3 Downloader

Super MP3 Downloader is another great Android application. It is very simple to use. All you have to do is search for a desired song, listen to it and download it. Besides downloading songs, this app allows you to directly play songs. This app has 4/5 stars, and roland Michal is the one behind it.

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5. MP3 Music Download

MP3 Music Download is a simple MP3 music app. Search, listen, and read your favorite mp3 files. Tap the search box, enter the name of the singer or track title, and download the song you want. This app provides fast and easy downloads, and even lyrics (if available). This app is brought to you by Love Waves.

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Part 2:Download music free with TunesGo for all devices

Wondershare TunesGo - Download,Transfer and manage your music for your iOS/Android Devices

  • YouTube as your Personal Music Source
  • Supports 1000+ Sites to download
  • Transfer Music between Any Devices
  • Use iTunes with Android
  • Complete Entire Music Library
  • Fix id3 Tags,Covers,Backup
  • Manage Music without iTunes Restrictions
  • Share Your iTunes Playlist
Guide for TunesGo: 1.Download Music2.Record Music3.Transfer Music4.Manage iTunes Library 5.Tips for iTunes

Part 3: Top 8 Free Music Download Sites

It is hard to imagine life without music. And, thanks to the Internet, many sites offer free music download. But, do not worry. These sites are not illegal. They still enable you to support your favorite artists while downloading your favorite songs free of charge. Check out the top 8 free music download sites.

1. is a site for sharing music. It allows artists to upload music and fans to download it. This site is very easy to navigate and users can browse through music by time period or genre. Considering the fact that this website exists since 1997, its library is not so extensive.

2. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive indexes free music that is posted by its partner curators. Also, it allows users to post their own music directly to the site. Thanks to this synthesis, this website has a mind-bogglingly large library. Some tracks may lack production value, but at least they are free.

3. NoiseTrade

This website is part free, part promotive. What is great about it is its extensive library and minimalist design. It allows users to effortlessly search for artists and songs. The website also provides you recommendations and complimentary mixtapes that cover a wide variety of artists and genres.

4. Amazon

This may surprise you, but yes, Amazon offers a great number of free songs. More than 46,706 tracks to be exact. The great thing about Amazon is that you can easily browse tracks by genre. Amazon tells you how many free tracks are in every category.

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5. Jamendo

If number of Amazon freebies surprised you, let Jamendo surprise you even more. This website offers more than 400,000 tracks produced by more than 40,000 artists. Instead of searching by genre, this website allows you to browse tracks sorted by popularity, most downloaded, most played or recently released. This website is perfect for those who are open-minded, and willing to find new artists.


6. Incompetech

This website lets you download royalty-free music for your YouTube videos, game, amateur film, or anything else you need. This website is simply perfect for those who need music for any kind of projects, but can’t afford the licensing fees. The goal of the website is described perfectly by the founder, Kevin MacLeod: There are a lot of schools with no money, and plenty of film makers who want to have music - but can't afford to clear copyrights from the existing systems that are set up. I believe that copyright is badly broken, so I chose a license that allows me to give away the rights I wish to surrender.”

Free Phone Music Apps Download

Free Music Download Apps For Android Cell Phones For Sale

7. MadeLoud

Are you into Indie? If so, then we have the perfect website for you. It is MadeLoud. This site focuses on music from indie artists, uploaded by indie artists. You can preview 45 minutes of each song before you download it. MadeLoud also allows you to curate and stream playlists within your browsers, after creating a free account. However, this website is pointed towards small acts and local scenes, than national stars.

8. Epitonic

Epitonic has a simple tagline; 'the center of sound.' Underneath the header is promoted the site’s offer: 'thousands of free and legal carefully curated MP3s.' So, yes, this site allows you to download songs across every genre without even registering. You can navigate through the selection of songs, or simply run a search. Also, the site promotes featured playlists and exclusive label releases.

This site launched in 1999, but it was shut down in 2004 due to financial issues. Luckily, it is back since 2011!

Free Music Downloader

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2. Free Music Download Apps
3. Free Music Download Sites
4. Music Downloader Software
5. Alternative
6. Youtube MP3 Converter
7. Download Music
8. Others

Part 1: How to Download MP3 Music for iPhone, iPod and iPad

How do you download MP3 for your iPhone, iPod or iPad? It’s simple if you use an application called iMusic. It lets you do the free MP3 music downloads for cell phones and without having to pay anything. Record and listen to music recorded from Pandora, YouTube, Napster, Grooveshark, Potify,, Rhapsody, GUBA, iTunes Radio, NPC, MySpace, BBC Radio Audio, Yahoo Music, Sirius Radio, RTVE, Radio Blog Club, AOL Music, XM Radio Online and 500 more sites, all with a single click. The recorded data can also be easily burned into a CD. It has more features below:

  • Record playing music continuously and split tracks while automatically saving it as separate music files and filter ads out automatically
  • The recording’s quality will not be damaged while saving the recordings. Record anything that you hear on your computer with the same quality.
  • Customize the audio quality. It records the audio into M4A or MP3 high quality.

How to Download Music to Cell Phone with iMusic:

First, download iMusic on your computer. After downloading the .dmg file, double click it. The installation wizard will show itself and guide you through the installation. Then follow up the below guide for free MP3 music downloads for phone or PSP.

Step 1. Before you record anything, you can set the output’s format. Simply click iMusic on the menu bar located at the top right of the main window and select Settings. Choose an output on the drop-down menu.

Step 2. Recording is very easy. All you need to do is go to the “Record” management window and hit the red button. This will start the recording process. Now search for the music or audio that you want to record and play it. You can play music on the web or on applications such as Spotify or iTunes. iMusic will start the recording automatically once the audio starts to play.

Step 3. While recording, you can do whatever you want. You can surf the net or work on many different things. iMusic will automatically separate tracks and remove advertisements. When you finish recording, you can go to LIBRARY to check the recorded music! By the way, you can hit the 'Export' icon to save recorded music to your mobile phone easily.

Part 2: How to Download Video to MP3 Music for iPhone, iPod and iPad

If you want to download and convert video to MP3 music for iPhone, iPod or iPad, use iTube Studio for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows). This application supports Http/RTMPS/RTMPT/RTMR and enables download of videos from thousands of video sharing websites like YouTube, BBC, CBS, TED, NY Times etc. YouTube’s 4k videos are also supported. You can also download YouTube videos as MP3s on a single click.
Some features include:

  • 3x faster download speed with the use of new multi-threading technology
  • It also allows the continuation of an incomplete video download. You can continue your download even after you accidentally exited the application or even after a network error.
  • iTube Studio also allows the conversion of videos into 153 different media formats. The files can also be exported to your iTunes library after being converted.

How to Download Online Music Video to MP3 for Mobile Phone

There are different steps if you want to download online videos using this application.

Step 1. First download and install the application on your computer. Then follow up the installation instruction to set up the program. After that, the program will launch automatically.

Step 2. Now it would be visiting the video sites and find your favourite music video. And you will see a “Download” button on the video window. Simply click it to download the music video.

Alternatively, use the video’s URL. Simply copy the URL of the video that you’re watching and click the paste URL button on the application. This will start the download of the linked video.

Step 3. Now if you want your video to be converted to MP3, go to the “Downloaded” tab and click the “Convert” button to select your desired output format. Then you will get your video in MP3 music. To get MP3 music on your iPhone or Android phones, please go to the 'Transfer' tab and connect your device. Then iTube Studio will help transfer downloaded MP3 music to your phone with ease.