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  1. Download Astro Avenger 2 For Android Download
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Do you love space and battleships? If so, Astro Avenger 2 is surely the game for you. The game will remind you of the 2D arcade games with its plot and game interface. However, this is a 3D game with advanced weapons that you will enjoy playing.

Download Astro Avenger 2 For AndroidAndroid
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  2. Astro Avenger II At the end of the 24th century, mankind has entered its second golden age. But the sudden emergence of a hostile alien fleet is threatening the prosperous future. As Astro Avenger, it's your job to blast your way through 50 fast-paced levels to ensure the future of mankind. The full version Astro Avenger II features.
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The plot of Astro Avenger 2 is that Earth is being invaded by alien forces. The alien forces seem to be heavily armed and very dangerous. Your main goal will be to protect Earth from the invaders. You will control the main battleship and be in control of various weapons.

Download Astro Avenger 2 For Android Download

The weapons are quite powerful and can cause lots of damage. Astro Avenger 2 comes with a variety of game playing levels you can choose from. There is a considerable number of weapons and ships at you disposition as well.

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Download Astro Avenger 2 Mobile App for iPhone and Android at. A hostile alien fleet threatens humankind. Your mission? Collect the pieces of the top secret weapon that can destroy them all.