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  1. Nov 10, 2019  Male to female voice changer software is a tool to change voice male to female for any user to have fun in the cyber-world. You can change voice and make it sound higher, from a boy to girl, a guy to a woman, a grandma, a lady with a beautiful voice and many other possibilities, even imitating famous celebrities.
  2. Now with Voicemod you can change your voice in real time and discover the funnier side of Discord voice chat app. Play with tons of awesome voices and effects and make the funniest voice calls. Voicemod is the best voice changer & soundboard with effects for Online Games & Voice Chat Apps. Troll like a PRO!

4.) Choose your voice changer - higher for female or lower for male 5.) Your call is connected, and you won't sound like you! Nobody will recognize your voice! And if you show a fake Caller ID (which is free with your account), they can't call you back, either. AND - the fake phone number shows on their bill! Voice changer: this program enables to change voice pitch and voice timbre during a conversation through Internet or to a mobile phone. AV Voice Changer offers several voices such as male, female, baby, teen and more.

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If you love to play pranks on your friends and family, then a voice changing app is a must-have on your Android or iPhone. Though, getting hands-on a good real-time voice changer app during call can be a tedious task. There are only a few apps available for your iPhone & android that could be your partner in crime when pulling a prank on someone. Mostly people search for a male to female or girl voice changer but these apps can do a lot more than that.

In this post, we have listed some of the best voice changer apps during a call for both iOS and Android.

7 Best Voice Changer Apps During Call

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Call Voice Changer Software For Mobile Free Download Computer

So, let’s get started with the list for Android

Voice Changing apps can be the best tool to pull a prank on your friends and family. Imagine you call your friend, they pick up expecting it’s you, however, they get to hear an indifferent and anonymous voice. It leaves them nothing but startled and you are left with giggles. So, let us check what sound changer apps on your phone could make you have fun! Whatsapp free download for windows phone.

1. Voice Changer Calling

Mobile Software

One of the best voice changer apps during call, it will help you to have fun and tease your friends and family. “Weird Voice” works on CSipSimple and is authorized under GNU GPL v3. To make calls, you need to stay connected to WiFi. The calling charges for the app is less, making it easy on the pocket. Though, it doesn’t hide your Caller ID.

2. Call Voice Changer – IntCall

Voice changer website no download

It is said to be the funniest app by its developers. If you want to change your voice in real-time then you can add weird sound effects while you are on a live call. You can make prank calls by changing a pitch of your voice. You can apply sound effects anytime in real-time. You need to make sure that you have a strong internet connection.

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3. Funcalls – best Voice Changer & Call Recording

One of the best voice changer apps during call, it is an awesome way to make prank calls and fool your friends with scary or funny voices on a call. You can also choose recorded sounds while you are on a live call. You also get an option to record your funny conversation and share it with your friends. Moreover, you can make international phone calls to mobile phones as well as landlines in more than 150 countries including Asia, Europe, Africa, and more.

4. MagicCall – Best Voice Changer On Call, Prank Dial

It is a good way to play a prank on your friends and family. You can change your voice while on call in real-time. The app has different backgrounds to choose such as James Bond theme while talking to friends to add drama, romantic ambiance when talking to your beau. You can record and share your prank calls to have more fun on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media apps. You can change your voice from male to female and vice versa.

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A Quick Update! Before you start using the best voice changer apps, we suggest you should use Duplicate Contacts Fixer to streamline your contact’s list. It will help you avoid contact clutter while calling your family & friends and pull a prank.

Best Voice Changer Apps For iPhone-

iPhone being one of its own kind has a few restrictions. However, it will definitely not stop you from having fun. There are a few apps that could let you change your voice and pull a prank on your friends and family. Again even on iPhone male to female or girl voice changer apps are quite popular but the apps mentioned below have a lot of other features as well.

Voice Changer Website No Download

5. Funcall – Voice Changer & Rec

Change your voice and tease your friends with different voice yet stay anonymous with Funcall- Voice Changer & Rec. You can change your voice on a live call. You can record these calls and share them with your family and friends to have more fun. You can add different sound effects such as Fart, Moo, Uzi shots, Scary zone, Cat meow, Dog bark, Boom, Monkeys, and Werewolf!

6. Call Voice Changer IntCall Make Funny Phone Calls

It is very popularly used to have fun and tease your friends on phone calls. You can add sound effects and change your voice while on call. You can change your voice to deep, creepy and even high, all at a single tap. You can play sound effects such as birthday songs, mimic of cartoon characters and more.

7. Voicy phone

Voicy phone is considered to be one of the best voice changer apps for iOS devices. You can change voices during a call to startle your friends with funny voices. The app lets you be creative and customize voices to make unique sounds, by mixing the given options. For example, fast mobster, chipmunk robot, and more. There can be no finite combinations and the sky is limit for your creativity.

Java Mobile Call Voice Changer Software Free Download

So, these are some of the best voice changer apps during calls for Android and iPhone. Try them and have fun! Be sure not to giggle too soon! If you liked our blog or feel we could have added something more, please do let us know in the comments section below!

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