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A dictionary is a special book with which you can discover new words and understand the meaning of words you’ve come across recently. The book may have a large number of words and their definitions.

The problem with the traditional dictionary is that the user must spend some time in locating the word. If a dictionary has 100s of pages, identifying the meaning of the word will be a frustrating experience for the user.

Apr 30, 2012  This dictionary is by far the best dictionary I have ever tried. Either from Persian to English or vice versa. Nice drop-down search bar, in addition to a handful of examples within the translation portion, and of course, the nice pronunciations in all main accents, made this app almost always one of the 4 main applications of my phone. English persian dictionary for android free download - English Persian Dictionary, English Persian (Farsi) Dictionary Free, English Persian (Farsi) Dictionary, and many more programs.

  1. Nov 07, 2018  Best Dictionary Apps for Android are the best choice if you are weak in speaking English. In this post, I am going to sharing some best dictionary apps device.It’s very useful if you install a dictionary app on your mobile which can help you in finding out of any word instantly.
  2. Dec 26, 2018  This innovative English to Persian Language Dictionary and Translator app is a very reliable tool, which will stimulate the development of your language skills and motivate you to learn a new vocabulary. This highly qualified bilingual up-to-date Persian Language Dictionary and Translator app is full of huge number of words and phrases, which enables users to find correct translation of any.
  3. Download latest version of Dict Box Persian app. Safe and Virus Free. Dict Box Persian. English to Persian, Farsi to English offline dictionary, translation, translator. Download APK. Direct download. Alternative: Install Dict Box Persian from Google Play Store.
  4. The size of the Oxford dictionary app is 15 megabytes. Download Oxford app. is one of the most popular dictionary apps for Android. It gives users access to 2+ million words and their meaning. Like other Android dictionary apps mentioned on this list, this application provides a search utility.

The best and quickest way to find the synonym of words is to use a good dictionary app on a mobile device. The applications use a fast searching algorithm to get the meaning of words from a database table. They are lightweight and free.

Below, we’ve shared the best Android dictionary applications which you can use on phone or tablet.

Top 5 best Android dictionary apps

Deutsch English Dictionary Free

Oxford dictionary

The Oxford dictionary retails for $2 in offline bookstores. If you don’t want to spend money or waste time in looking up words, download the free version of the Oxford dictionary app from the Google Play Store.

Free movies download full bollywood. Oxford is a popular dictionary app. It is easy to use. When you run Oxford dictionary on your Android device, you’ll see a large popup box that displays the details on the premium version of the Oxford app. To close the popup, tap the back button of your mobile phone.

The main interface of this application includes a search box where you must enter the word. Below the box, the app displays a list of words. The list is accompanied by a vertical scroll bar and it contains over 300K words. When you enter a letter in the box, the app will display the words beginning with the entered letter.

Oxford dictionary supports voice input. It makes users aware of the words they’ve searched recently. It has the word of the day feature which displays new random word and its definition every day. The size of the Oxford dictionary app is 15 megabytes. app is one of the most popular dictionary apps for Android. It gives users access to 2+ million words and their meaning.

Like other Android dictionary apps mentioned on this list, this application provides a search utility. Beneath the search box, you’ll find a toggle button to filter the search results. The app features a list of the most searched words. It has a translator tool through which you can translate words into 30 languages. It also includes a word pronouncer utility.

The app shares tips on improving writing skills and vocabulary. provides a voice search function. It lets users go through the official blog where English language experts share their tips on improving grammar, vocabulary, etc.

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Best Deutsch Persian Dictionary Download For Android Phone

According to its developers, MW is the most respected dictionary app in the United States. The app includes quiz tests that help users in building vocabulary and learning new words.

MW dictionary can pronounce words for you. It has quick definitions utility which displays the definitions of words on the fly. The application maintains a list of words you’ve searched recently. It features a favorites section where you’ll find a list of the words you’re searching often.

The free Merriam-Webster dictionary app for Android provides examples of how words are used in sentences.

Offline English Dictionary

If you’re searching for an offline dictionary app for your Android device, download and install OED. This application has a simple interface. As it doesn’t require internet connectivity to work, OED is an ad-free application.

Like other dictionary apps we’ve covered here, OED maintains a list of the recently searched words. OED ships with a settings interface where you’ll find options to change the following aspects of the app:

  • Text font size, UI color.
  • Page orientation, line spacing,

The settings interface allows users to turn on/off the voice to text feature. It enables you to define a shake action.

HinKhoj English Hindi Dictionary

Hindi is a widely spoken language. If you’re traveling to India, install this dictionary app to understand the language spoken by the locals.

The free Hinkhoj app supports Hindi swear words. The great thing about this app is that it understands Hindi words typed in English. It also makes you aware of the word’s meaning.

Apart from providing definitions, the app suggests the words that sound similar to the entered words. The app also shares its antonyms.

HinKhoj helps users in improving their vocabulary. It has three games which will help you in discovering new words. Hinkhoj ships with a word pronouncer tool. It provides a spelling checker utility. It includes an inbuilt OCR tool that recognizes the words printed on images.

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Conclusion: If you’ve a bad vocabulary or you’re trying to learn English, install any one the above dictionary apps on your Android device. The applications are intuitive. You don’t have to register an account or pay money to use them.

At first, people use large dictionaries to find the meaning of a word or sentence. But nowadays, it is easy to find the meaning of any word of a sentence with the help of your smartphone and dictionary apps. No matter where you are and what you know about a specific language. You can now be your own boss with the help of Free Dictionary Apps for Android.

Here I’m going to share some Best and Free Dictionary Apps for Android. Just choose any one from this list and install on your Android phone or tablet.

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Best Deutsch Persian Dictionary Download For Android Free

Free Dictionary Apps for Android


The is one of the most popular and top-downloaded Free Dictionary App for Android where you will find more than 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms. You can use this app in offline and browse words to find meaning and synonyms. There is a premium version of this dictionary app available with more functions and features.

Key Features

  • Find and browse words easily and quickly
  • Audio pronunciation and voice search features
  • Support more than 30 languages
  • Built-in blog with more than 800 fun languages
  • Save your favorite words and search history
  1. Dictionary – Merriam-Webster

Dictionary For Android Free Download

The Dictionary – Merriam-Webster is one of the Best Dictionary App for Android, which comes with several functions and features. This dictionary app comes with voice search, synonyms, antonyms, word of the day, an example of various types’ sentences and much more features.

Key Features

  • Audio pronunciation
  • Search and recent history
  • Save your favorite words
  • Perfect dictionary apps for Android Tablets
  1. Oxford Dictionary of English

The Oxford Dictionary of English is a premium dictionary app for Android, but you can use their trial version for free. The Oxford is another leading dictionary which comes with lots of features. This dictionary comes with more than 350,000 updated vocabularies, thousands of example sentences and other features. You can easily improve your English language skill with the help of this app.

Key Features

  • More than 75,000 pronunciations of common and uncommon words
  • Integrated search feature
  • Quick search while typing
  • Download definitions for offline use
  1. Dictionary – WordWeb

The Dictionary – WordWeb is another Free Dictionary App for Android Phones and Tablets which comes with American, British, Australian and International English. This is an offline dictionary so that you can use this anywhere without an internet connection. The WordWeb Dictionary comes with more than 285,000 words and phrases.

Key Features

  • Over 225,000-word sense definitions
  • More than 70,000 sentence examples
  • Audio pronunciation
  • Similar and related words
  • Search features included spelling suggestions, fast-pattern matching search and much more
  1. English Dictionary – Offline

The English Dictionary is another dictionary app for Android, which also you can use in offline. This dictionary comes with 182000 definitions and an enormous amount of inflected forms. All definitions of this dictionary based on English Wiktionary. This is a lightweight app comes with a user-friendly interface, so newbie to advanced users can use this dictionary.

Key Features

  • Random search feature
  • Voice output
  • Customize themes
  • Easy and functional user interface