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How to download movies and TV shows to your phone or tablet, be it iPhone, iPad or Android. Avoid big data charges and watch your favourite video wherever you roam, with our offline video guide.

We’ve all heard horror stories of people who tried streaming an episode of Will & Grace on their smartphone, and ended up with a bill for thousands of pounds. Thankfully this nightmare can be avoided by downloading movies or TV show episodes to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet before you leave the sanctity of your home WiFi network.

Jul 28, 2015 How to Put Movies on Galaxy Tab 3. The Galaxy Tab 3 line is a series of tablets by Samsung. If you have ever wanted to watch a movie that you have on your computer, on your Galaxy Tab 3, you can easily transfer your movie to the Tab's. Sep 14, 2019 Once you’ve synced your library, you can either download the Movies Anywhere app on your tablet, or you can simply use the library option in your Videos tab to download your films for offline viewing. Because your synced library will appear as Amazon content, just follow the same steps provided above to download your movies for offline viewing. Nov 18, 2015  Android tablets how to download free movies, Android mobile phones how to download free movies. Movie downloader- search uttorent in the playstore and install. Then watch this video for. Oct 28, 2019  Cyberflix TV Download for Android is a streaming app that streams movies and tv shows online on android smartphone and tablet. Moreover, this time, there are no advertisements in the app which is a pretty good thing for us. Well, to download movies from Netflix to your tablet you basically have to do the exact same thing. From the search option, either search for a movie and look for the download button or directly go to the  Available for Download option. Then select the movie of your choice and tap on the download option. Sep 14, 2019 Inside the library tab on your device, you’ll see a full list of your purchased and rented movies, along with a list of your TV shows in a separate tab. Select the movie you wish to download, and it will open the information page for your movie. Dec 07, 2018  Unfortunately, most of movies today are encased in DRM, adding difficulties in downloading movies for free. It's a pain in the ass to single out sites to download free movies for Android phones and tablets safely, easily and legally. This article covers 2 solutions for you to download free movies for Android.

Here’s our how-to guide to the best services which allow you to download video to your phone or tablet. Kruti dev 11 font download for android mobile. Note that some require subscription, while others are free of charge.

How to download movies and shows to your tablet or phone with a monthly video subscription service

Some online movie and TV services allow streaming only, which means you can only watch when your phone or tablet is connected to the internet, with no option to download to your device.

However, there are some exceptions.

How to download movies and shows to your phone with an Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription

The Amazon Prime Instant Video app allows you to download a selection of its catalogue to your Android phone or tablet, iPad or iPhone, and Amazon’s own Fire devices. Not every single movie or show is avaiable to download sadly, but the majority can be saved for offline viewing.

There is a time limit involved with downloaded videos sadly, with content typically expiring a month after download or 48 hours after you begin viewing. You’ll need to connect to Amazon’s servers after this period expires.

Simply download the Instant Video app and sign in with your Amazon account details. Browse the video selection and if you find something you like, tap the download button (a circle with a downwards-facing arrow). It will be saved to your phone or tablet’s storage, so you can watch it by heading to the ‘Downloads’ tab.

How to download movies and shows to your phone with a Netflix subscription

Netflix may have been well behind Amazon Prime when it came to offering movie and TV show mobile downloads, but finally we have it. You only have a small selection to choose from sadly, but even a little bit is better than nothing, right?

Check out our guide on how to download Netflix films and shows to your phone, and our pick of the best Netflix movies to download in 2017 so far.

How to download movies and shows to your phone with a Sky subscription

Sky TV also allows you to download video to watch offline, via its Sky Go app. You need to have Sky Go Extra to qualify, with four mobile devices supported per subscription. You can also take movies and shows on the road with Sky’s new Sky Q service.

You have a set time period to watch your video content (typically one month) and bear in mind that movies and shows will self-delete 48 hours after you first start watching them, so if you start a film on your outward journey, you’ll have to finish it pronto.

To download Sky movies and shows to your phone or tablet, you just need to grab the Sky Go app from the Google Play store or App Store. Browse for something you like and tap ‘download’ and it will be queued up.

Download movies and TV shows to your phone or tablet with a pay-per-view video service

Loads of companies now offer a selection of movies and TV shows that you can purchase individually and download to your iPad, iPhone or Android device. For instance, Apple fans have the iTunes store, while Android users can browse and buy movies or TV series using Google Play.

Just open the app on your phone or tablet, select the video you wish to purchase, top up your funds with a credit or debit card if needed, and you’re all set. Any videos you buy are yours to download and enjoy whenever you like, while you can also rent movies and shows for a short time for a couple of quid.

Of course there are plenty of rival services now, such as the ever-popular Blinkbox. However, buyer beware – while you can download Blinkbox purchases to watch offline, you need to have an internet connection when you come to watch your movies or shows, so Blinkbox can verify the download. Not much good if you’re abroad with no data roaming.

How to download movies and shows to your phone or tablet for free

While you’ll find plenty of dodgy websites that offer free movie downloads, legal ones are sadly thin on the ground. BBC’s iPlayer app allows you to download a selection of recently-broadcast films free of charge to your phone or tablet, to enjoy offline – although there’s a time limit of around a week. And of course you can download a big selection of the Beeb’s shows to enjoy offline.

DVD and Blu-ray downloads

Some DVD or Blu-ray discs also come with a free download code, so you can grab a digital copy to carry on your tablet or phone. Disney films are a prime example, while many Blu-rays come with an ‘UltraViolet’ code for downloading a virtual copy to devices without a drive.

Download Movies To Android Tablet

Here’s how to redeem a digital copy of your movie in iTunes.